Swimming pool games can enhance the fun of any pool party. Go through this article and explore some great swimming pool game ideas.

Swimming Pool Games

Swimming is not just another way to exercise your body and stay in shape. It can be a lot of fun too. For instance, you can organize a pool party at your home and play a lot of swimming pool games with your friends. Sounds interesting, doesn't it! In case you are wondering about what kind of games can you play inside the pool, then we are at your service. Go through the following lines and explore a number of fun swimming pool games, for you and your friends.
Swimming Pool Game Ideas
One of the persons in the pool is selected to be the 'it' (the catcher). He gets out and turns away from the pool, in a way that his back faces all the other players, who gather on one side of the pool. Each of the players in the pool has to decide a color for himself. When they are done with the selection, they tell the 'it' and he starts calling out various colors. When the color of a particular player is called, he has to swim to the other end of the pool, without making a noise. If the 'it' hears him swimming, he turns around, jumps into the pool and tries to catch the player, before the latter reaches the other end of the pool. If the person gets caught, he becomes the next 'it'. Otherwise, the 'it' calls out other colors.
Dibble Dabble
All the player stand outside the pool, facing away from it. A person goes inside the pool and hides the Dibble Dabble, a small yet floatable object, under the water. After the object has been hidden, the players turn around and face the pool. Then, they start searching for the object. As soon as someone catches sight of the Dibble Dabble, he has to jump inside the pool and try to grab it. Once he has the object in his hands, the person will loudly exclaim "Dibble Dabble!" Thereafter, he hides the Dibble Dabble inside the pool and the rest of the players have to find it. In order to make the game more tough, you can prohibit the players from wearing goggles.
Guess The Name
One of the players becomes the 'it' and goes outside the pool. In the meantime, the players inside the pool decide on a storybook character. When they have decided on the character, they ask the 'it' to come inside the pool. As soon as the 'it' comes in, they start swimming. Now, the 'it' has to go to each of the swimming players and ask questions from them, to know about the storybook character. However, at a time, only one question can be asked from a player and the answer will be in yes/ no only. If he manages to guess the character after asking just five questions, he gets full score. Otherwise, the score gets on decreasing as the number of questions start increasing.
Fish Out Of The Water
In this game, one person is selected to play 'it'. He goes to a corner of the pool and stands there, with his eyes closed, for a certain number of seconds. During this time, the rest of the players disperse around the pool. The 'it' then starts swimming across the pool, trying to sense the other players near him and catch hold of them. Any time, he can say 'Marco' and the other players have to reply with 'Polo', thus helping the 'it' guess their position. The player caught first will be the next 'it'. If the players want to avoid the 'it', they can go outside the pool as well. However, if the 'it' says 'Fish out of the Water' at any point of time, the player outside the pool will become next 'it'.

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