Swimming can be enjoyable but also presents some inherent risks. Here, we present some safety tips and precautions for swimming.

Swimming Safety Tips

Swimming is a very good exercise apart from being very rejuvenating, both for the body and mind. Splashing, paddling and wading through the water is a lot of fun. But as much fun swimming is, it also presents some dangers. However, in this article, we give you some important safety tips and pointers about swimming which would really help you the next time you get into a pool. 
  • Do not get into the water thinking that you will be able to swim. First and most importantly, learn to swim.
  • Always try and swim where there is a lifeguard available so that if anything does go wrong, help is always at hand.
  • If you do go to swim somewhere else apart from a swimming pool, then do not dive into unknown water or into shallow breaking waves as those can be quite deceptive.
  • Always ask a lifeguard about the beach and the surfing conditions before diving in, if you want to swim in the sea/ ocean.
  • Do not drink and swim. Alcohol and swimming is a deadly mix and a sure recipe for disaster. Alcohol impairs judgment, balance, and coordination and will affect your swimming.
  • Protect your head, neck, and spine and don't dive into unfamiliar waters.
  • It is also very important to remember not to chew any kind of gum or food while swimming as you can easily choke.
  • Always know the weather conditions before going out for a swim. Stop swimming as soon as you see any indication of a bad weather.
  • If you have a pool, do not leave the pool open. Instead, try and enclose it with some kind of high fence which can be locked. Do not leave the pool accessible to children as they can easily fall inside. 
If you follow the safety tips above, you will always be on the safe side. You will inturn enjoy swimming more than you ever have.
Remember, we are not like fishes who are able to live and breathe inside water. Humans need air to breathe. Do take the steps mentioned above seriously and never try and take any risk.

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