For a barbeque party, it is necessary to have info on using the barbeque grills. Go through this article and find tips on how to use a barbecue (BBQ) grill safely.

How To Use A Barbeque Grill

Barbeque parties are amongst the most popular ones, as far as themed celebrations are concerned. The prime location for a barbeque feast is within the comforts of the lawn or the garden. Open spaces encourage the use of barbeque grill, as the heat evaporates in the atmosphere and the ambience remains cool. Lip-smacking recipes can be made by making use of BBQ grills, which are available basically in two types - gas and charcoal. Gas barbeque grills can be found in a wide variety, while most of the charcoal grills are more or less the same.
Between the two types of BBQ grills, gas grills are easier to operate. Unlike charcoal grills, they do not create a mess with the starting fluid, as they make use of natural gas or bottled propane. Nevertheless, charcoal grills are a hit amongst people, because they create the desired ‘smoky’ taste in the foods grilled on them, much more than their gas counterparts. Preparing smoky salmon, lip smacking cutlets, grilled chicken etc. in barbecue grills can be very exciting. Though grilling outdoors is a fun activity, one should know the right way to use the barbecue grill. This will help prevent mishaps and also ensure that the food is delicious. Read on to get tips on using barbecue grill safely.
Tips To Use BBQ Grill
Gas Barbeque Grill 
  • Make sure your barbeque grill is kept at a distance of 15 feet from any building, door, window or car. This will lessen the danger from fumes and risk of accidental fire.
  • Before using the grill, ensure that all the fittings and connections are tightly bolted, so that there is no scope for leakage.
  • Replace any damaged or worn parts of the grill before using. Keep your grill in the right shape.
  • The burners should not be blocked or congested and the tubes should also not be kinked.
  • The hood of barbecue should be kept open, when you use a matchstick to light the grill. Turn on the gas first and only then apply the flame.
  • After you have lighted the fire, leave it alone for a few moments. If you poke the briquettes or the lava rocks, it may result in forming explosive pockets of gas.
  • Make sure children and pets are not near the grill, when you are lighting it. 
Charcoal Barbecue Grill 
  • Before lighting the charcoal barbecue grill, thoroughly clean it. Remove the ash and grease that was left over from the previous cooking.
  • Determine the quantity of charcoal you need to grill the food. The number of charcoal briquettes to be used would depend upon the grill size, the quantity of food you are about to cook as well as the prevalent weather conditions. Generally, 30 briquettes are used for every pound of meat.
  • Place the briquettes of the charcoal appropriately, in the grill. Arrange them to look just like a pyramid or a cone. Next, apply about ½ cup of lighter fluid.
  • Leave the lighter fluid for sometime, say 30 seconds, before you ignite it. This will allow the fluid to soak into every briquette of charcoal, thoroughly.
  • Start the fire by using a fire starter or a long match light. Be careful while igniting the charcoal, especially during windy weather conditions.
  • Allow the coal to burn well, until the surface of the briquettes become white.
  • Spread the pieces of charcoal evenly on the grill. Make use of long handled tongs for the purpose.
  • Close the lid of the barbeque grill and wait for about 5 minutes, before you start cooking.

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