Whisky terminology will help you to understand the drink better and in turn, enjoy it to the fullest. Check out the whisky term definitions given below, for more details.

Whisky Terminology

Whisky is one of the most famous and preferred alcoholic drinks enjoyed by people. While many people savor the drink, they are hardly aware of the various terms associated with it. Though there is no harm in being ignorant, as it does not bring any change in the taste, the difference lies in the better understanding of the drink and the way you can enjoy it. There are many places where these terms are used, while serving the drink. So, if you are aware of the whisky term glossary, you will be in a better position to order something for yourself. It will also help you while socializing in a classy formal party. Read on to know the terminology for whisky.
Whisky Term Glossary 
  • Age - This refers to the number of years the whisky stays in a wooden barrel.
  • Blended Scotch - Blended scotch refers to the whisky made from a blend of malt and grain whiskies to produce a standard repeatable whisky.
  • Campbeltown - This term is used to define the whiskies from the Campbeltown region of Scotland. This is located on the famous Mull of Kyntyre.
  • Cask   - Cask is referred to the wooden barrel used to store whisky. Usually oak casks are used to store whiskies and aged to soften it.
  • Cask Strength - Whisky is stored in casks at its original strength from the still of over 50% ABV but is generally watered down during bottling. However, many whiskies can even be bought at the original cask strength.
  • Caramel - Used as a coloring agent in whisky, it's made from sugar.
  • Dram - It is the small glass of whisky.
  • Grain Whisky - It is the whisky prepared from unmalted barley, wheat or maize, produced in a continuous process.
  • Highland - It is the term used to define whisky from distilleries in the highland region in the northern part of Scotland.
  • Malt Whisky - It is the whisky prepared from barley malt fermented with yeast and then distilled.
  • Nosing Glass - It is the glass used to drink whisky. It has a narrow opening allowing swirling, nosing and tasting the whisky.
  • Organic Whisky - Organic whisky is prepared from organically grown barley.
  • Proof - Proof is a measure of the specific gravity of whisky and measures the alcohol of the whisky with the help of a hydrometer.
  • Scotch - It is the whisky that is distilled and matured in Scotland.
  • Single Malt -   A single malt whisky is the one, which is prepared at a single distillery in Scotland.
  • Unfiltered - Unfiltered whisky is the one, which has not been chill filtered.
  • Whisky - It is the spirit distilled from malted barley or other grains.
  • Vatted Malt - It is a blend of single malts from two or more distilleries. This helps to produce a consistent and repeatable product.
  • Year - It tells the year in which the whisky was first distilled and entered into barrels.

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