With or without occasions, receiving gifts is always welcomed by people. In this article, we have provided some free romantic gift ideas. Pick the one you like the most.

Free Romantic Gift Ideas

The act of giving and receiving gifts is definitely a pleasurable one. While you feel really excited when someone gives you a present, the contentment on seeing your loved one get happy at receiving your gift is not less either. This holds true in case of a couple also. However, in order to make your better-half feel special, you have to pay attention on the gift that you are going to give. A wrong gift can easily mar his/her excitement, while the right one can make him/her give you the widest smile ever. In order to make the task of gift giving easier for you, we have provided a number of romantic gift ideas here, which are totally free of cost. Pick any one of them and we assure you that your partner will be beaming with happiness on receiving such a thoughtful gift.
Romantic Gift Ideas for Guys 
  • A bottle of wine or champagne is a sexy gift for your beloved.
  • Get cruise tickets for the two of you, for next weekend. If you can manage to take him on a romantic vacation, nothing can be better!
  • Kiss coupons, to be redeemed by you, make yet another gift option. He will love surely love you for this.
  • A book of love poetry can be written by you, if possible. It makes more sense if he is fond of poetry and loves reading it.
  • You can also go for a candle lit dinner, prepared by you. Cook his favorite delicacies and enjoy the dinner in his lovely company.
  • What about a personalized keychain, with a memorable photo of the two of you! Such a gift will keep him reminding of the special bond that the two of you share.
  • Handmade muffler will make for a very cute gift and it will show him how much effort you have taken to prepare a gift for him.
  • A collage made with photos of the memorable times the two of you have spent together is yet another great option!
  • Go for journal of all e-mails or chats exchanged between you. It can be saved just like the good old love letters.
  • A carved locket, with initials of you both, also seems nice. He can wear it and feel you all the more close to his heart, all the time.
  • You can give a photo or secret message puzzle as well. This will be a nice and interesting gift, which will make him work his brains.
Romantic Gift Ideas for Girls
  • Heart-shaped pendant is a beautiful gift to give to your girl and she is going to cherish it all her life.
  • When it comes to diamonds, women love them almost as much as the man in their life. A diamond ring will surely bring an instant smile on her face.
  • Heart-shaped mirror, engraved with a romantic message is a good idea. Such a lovely and thoughtful gift will make her drool over you once again.
  • Personalized pillowcase is something that can be used on a daily basis, and it will keep reminding her of you every time she goes to sleep or wakes up in the morning.
  • Crystal rose is a very romantic and opulent gift, symbolic of the love you have for your girl.
  • You can give her a personalized calendar, with photos of both of you together. She can keep it as a memento of your love.
  • A heart-shaped bouquet of her favorite flowers never goes wrong. What better gift can you give to your lady than her favorite flowers!
  • Burn a CD for her, with her favorite romantic songs. She can listen to her favorite songs thinking of you and remembering you.
  • A sexy nightgown is a lovely gift and she would be very thankful to your for such a personal item.

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