Planning romantic gifts for your husband can be quite a task. With men being considered practical, your plans to surprise your husband has to be perfect. Take a look at romantic gifts ideas.

Romantic Gifts For Husband

“They spoil every romance by trying to make it last forever.” Maybe Oscar Wilde was in a real nasty mood when he wrote that line or he was just not aware of the concept of ‘surprise’ romantic gifts. The latest in the gift town is the same old, but very accurate knowledge—gifts prolong love. And if the gifts happen to be romantic and mushy, they can also take off the dust of ages that settles over almost every beautiful relationship, with time. Doesn’t matter whether you are a love-wife or an arranged-wife or a love-cum-arranged wife, what you cannot avoid is falling in love with your life partner each day. But, believe it or not, this idealistic situation lasts for only some time. As days pass by, the romance fizzes out. Don’t get sad, as the romance doesn’t fly away, it just gets suppressed with the burden of responsibilities of a married life. And then you wait for that next honeymoon to rekindle the spark which never comes. If your life is on a similar track, know that it doesn’t have to be that complicated. While the need of next honeymoon cannot be ruled out, you cannot, at the same time, undermine the importance that romantic gifts would play in getting you closer to your lovely husband and that honeymoon, of course. Gifts keep romance alive and honeymoons are results of living romances. Read on to get some romantic gift ideas for your husband.
Romantic Gift Ideas For Husband
Memories are those long forgotten moments that you have enjoyed with your husband—the ones that made you fall deeper in love with him. Gather all these memories and make a collage out of them. Get the cutest and the cuddliest pictures of you and your husband from the earliest days. It could be your marriage pictures or the pre-marriage dating ones. Select the ones he have always liked or the ones that have a very fond or funny memory attached to it. A collage of these memoirs would be fun and refreshing. Remember, do not overdo on the sentimental pictures or the poor guy would end up crying or getting bored. Pick pictures to suit your husband’s temperament. You can either hire professional studios to get the collage done or use the common photo-editing softwares to do the work yourself. Get it printed and present it to him. Now, you definitely were not looking for any special occasion to get that done, or were you?
Pen Is Mighty
How long has it been since you have penned your beloved something? While you followed the art of lettering your deepest feelings every week during the dating phase, with marriage, the art simply vanished! Self-written poems, sonnets or love notes are the best way to present your husband a personalized gift. It gives you an opportunity to tell him how much he means to you. Take a pen and a paper and write down cute funny things about him that make you laugh and love him all the more. You can try the good old technique of ‘Treasure Hunt for Romance’. For this, all you need to do is keep small chits of funny romantic quotes all around the house, the car and even in his clothes.
Reel It Up
If your husband happens to be a corporate honcho and spends more time on his laptop than anywhere else, a PowerPoint presentation can be an interesting way to spice up your love life. You can write all what you want to say to him, the cute & memorable one liners, some mushy talks that you indulged in, and so on. Mix and match it with your couple photographs. Every couple has a relationship song—or a theme song. You can add the song in the background while the pictures and the text move in the fore. Adding a song to a PowerPoint can make things a little complicated, so make sure you plan things well in advance to understand the presentation nitty-gritty.
Personalized Cards
If you are one of those creative types and have not given a vent to your creative calling since long, it is time to pull up your sleeves and get that creative genius in you working. Make some funny and romantic cards for your man on simple handmade chart sheets. Just cut out some hearts and scribble some cheesy, mushy romantic things on them. No matter what the age, the beauty of these cards never decreases. If you are looking for what to pen inside the card, you can look up for something online or go into card galleries and take an idea there.
Don’t wait for things to happen. Take matters in your hand and surprise him with a travel plan to either the place he always wanted to go or to a place where your love grew and matured. Make sure to check with him on his availability days or else you might end up dampening your own spirits. A safe way is to make travel plans for a regular and boring place and surprise him with the sudden change of destination. But be careful, surprises have a way of going wary so think ahead for a fool-proof plan.

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