Men, owing to the different ways in which they tick, need different kinds of gifts. Here are some items that have earned their place in a romantic gift basket for men.

Romantic Gift Basket For a Man

Love is in the air… Valentine’s Day is coming up and you are all set to make this day memorable for your man. You want him to think of this day for the rest of the year and feel a soft chill down his spine, you want to gift him something that he will cherish and that will make him think of you all the time. However, what should that special gift be? It is often quite difficult to choose gift for men because you never know what makes them tick. They often complain that they do not like what is gifted to them. Since asking them would ruin the fun, it is best to stick to some basic all-time favorites that have been doing the rounds for a while. These are gift items that are must haves in a gift basket for the man of your dreams. 

Ideal Romantic Gifts For Your Man

Here are some must-haves in a romantic gift basket for your man: 

Personalized iPod
It is no secret that men love their gadgets – boys love toys, ladies! Buy him an iPod, but make sure it is not in fluorescent colours, especially pink! Your man will feel embarrassed, even emasculated by it. You could, however, buy a wonderful, handcrafted cover for it or ask the people to give you personalized one and give them a love quote that you want engraved on his iPod. 

Another extension of what was just said, gadgets! Also, men often take to serious or dilettante photography sometime in their lives, so why not now? He will love to use it during any of the special occasions that you may share together. One tip – you could keep in it a note that reads “Let’s see who the muse is?” He will surely read your sign! 

Cuff Links
They are little, dainty reminders of old style charm that men were expected to ooze. Cuff links are often the one thing that could add that sophisticated look to any ordinary clothes and can be used for a romantic date as well as a formal meeting or gathering. It may look like they have lost their significance, but pair them up with simple, stylish clothing and presto; you have your prince charming right in front of you. 

After Shave
Instead of gifting a deodorant, which will make him feel like a stink monster, it is better to gift him an aftershave that you would love to smell on him. Aftershaves are often made with women in mind, rather than men themselves, much like most items of women’s clothing are made keeping men in mind! Gift him an aftershave with a note that says “Wear it to make me go weak in the knees…” He won’t hesitate to read the hint. 

The old saying that goes “Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is never said without proof and boats of years of research and observation by caring women of careless men! Jokes apart, men do love their meals and have to be treated to a good meal every now and then. You could bake cookies for them or make a heart shaped chocolate cake or little chocolate treats in the shape of hearts. By now you may know his favourite foods, so whip him up a wonderful and satisfying meal so that you can make your way to his heart.

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