Cooking substitutes are an excellent way to replace an unwanted ingredient without compromising on the taste. Read the article below to know about some common ingredient substitutions.

Substitutes In Cooking

You can’t expect to get everything at one time. Imagine you are preparing for a dinner in which you have invited some special guests. You want your guests to enjoy the food you are preparing and so you prepare in minute detail and well in advance. But as human nature is, something inevitably slips. You may miss a certain ingredient which happens to be the one thing that would have greatly enhanced your dish. Or you have among your guests some people who are very conscious about their health and are very picky in what they eat. In such a scenario what are the options that you have. Better than tearing your hair out in desperation you should simply change to the numerous cooking substitutes available. They are good enough, though not as good as the original ingredients. It is always better to keep a number of cooking substitutes in your kitchen so that you can grab some when you have missed on something. You cannot also ignore their health benefits. To help you in this read the article below for tips on cooking substitutes.
Common Ingredient Substitutions

People with dairy allergies and lactose intolerance can go for non-diary milk substitutes. Lactose free milk is available in most supermarkets. This milk has the same protein content as regular milk but it is treated with lactase enzyme to break down the lactose. People with an allergy to dairy milk can go for soy milk, nut milk, oat milk or rice milk. Soy milk and nut milk are the most popular and they are a rich source of protein. They can be used in various types of cooking. Rice milk can be used as a very good beverage but its nutritional content is very low. Oat milk is mild and nutty in taste and has a fairly good amount of protein content which is a good replacement for rice milk.
Margarine can be effectively used as a butter substitute. It is better to go for those margarines that are trans fat free.
You can replace cream effectively by using coconut milk, melted margarine or soy coffee cream.
The best way to replace eggs is to go for commercial egg replacers. With the addition of spices and frying you can make tofu look and taste like eggs.
Soy Sauce
Thai fermented fish sauce can be used as a cooking substitute for soy sauce as it is made without any soy. In you want to replace the wheat in the soy sauce then use tamari soy sauce which is made without any wheat.
In some recipes tofu can be substituted with seitan, which is made from wheat gluten. Though it is inferior to the tofu it is rich in protein.
It is difficult to get an all propose flour substitute and so it is better to blend different flour varieties. Some that can be mixed and matched are sorghum, buckwheat, millet, rice and corn along with arrowroot, tapioca and potato for the starch.
Cooking Oil
There are a variety of substitutes for cooking oil. They are:
  • Cornstarch solution is very good for stir fried and sautéed recipes. Mix 4 tablespoon of cornstarch in 1 cup of water. Boil it until the mixture becomes thick. Cool it and then use in place of oil.
  • Apple sauce is a very good substitute for cooking oil for baking purposes. It is low in fats and also does not have a flavor of its own. 
  • Seitan when cooked is chewy and stringy which makes it a very good substitute for meats. It can be easily made at home by boiling, baking, frying or steaming wheat gluten, into a variety of textures.
  • Soy protein when concentrated and dried can be used as fake meat.
  • Tofu when pressed and marinated well and in combination with gluten resembles chicken. When smoked it can even pass for a mild fish.

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