Cast iron cooking provides numerous health benefits, primary being an increase in the dietary source of iron. Let us explore the advantages of cast iron cooking.

Benefits Of Cast Iron Cooking

The concept of using cast iron cookware, for the purpose of making food, is not at all a new one. In fact, this form of cooking has been in existence almost since the time cast iron came into being. Rather than being a culinary art-form, cast iron cooking has been regarded as one of the best ways to prepare delicious down-home meals, that too in a traditional manner. There is a wide variety in the shapes and styles of the cookware, such as pots, pans and other appurtenances, used for the purpose. While cooking in them is very easy, even washing them poses no problem at all. However, it is prone to rusting and should always be lightly coated with cooking oil after washing. And you will need to get habitual of carrying the heavy pots and pans. However, these disadvantages are nothing, when compared to the large number of benefits that the cookware offers. Read on to explore the benefits of cast iron cooking further.
Advantages of Cooking in Cast Iron Cookware 
  • As you cook in cast iron cookware, the dietary source of iron increases to quite an extent, especially in case of food items that are high in acid, such as tomato-based sauces.
  • Cast iron pots and pans can be said to comprise of a natural non-stick surface, if seasoned well. This makes it very easy to clean them and you will not need to put in too many efforts as well.
  • The cookware made of cast iron is pretty durable and is most likely to survive a large number of years, even more than your usual steel or aluminum cookware.
  • Cast iron cookware can be used for a variety of purposes, such as browning, frying, stewing and even for baking.
  • Cast iron cookware is quite inexpensive as compared to the other types of cookware, such as stainless steel and aluminum.
  • The cookware made from cast iron has the ability to hold heat for a much longer time than most other cookware.
  • One of the benefits of cast iron cookware is that it allows the food to cook evenly, in spite of an uneven heat source. This is one of the prime factors that contributed to its popularity in the early days.
  • Cast iron pots and pans are very versatile. They can be used on the stove top, grill and even the oven, with equal ease.
  • The cookware made from cast iron does not crack or peel, unlike the modern non-stick pans (with coating that often turns faulty after sometime). 
Some Tips 
  • Never ever make use of a dishwasher to clean your cast iron cookware, as it might damage the latter.
  • In case you see rust forming on the cookware, simply scour it with soap and hot water and then re-season.
  • Before using your cast iron cookware for the first time, make sure to season it properly.
  • Never ever pour cold water in your cast iron pot or pan, when it is hot. This might lead to a crack.

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