Are you looking for some gifts for new homeowners? In this article, we have presented a number of housewarming present ideas, just for you!

Gifts For New Homeowners

Your friends have finally moved into their own apartment and are busy arranging everything out there. It is obvious that there will a housewarming party within a few days and even if there isn't one, you would like to give them a present, expressing your happiness. Deciding gifts for new homeowners is not a very difficult task. If you are close to the owners, you must be having an idea of what is it that they require and can gift the same. Talking about the cases where you don't know the homeowner, say they are your new neighbors, then it is better to give things like gift certificates, gift baskets, etc. Let us check out some housewarming gift ideas for new homeowners.
Gifts For New Homeowners 
  • Address plaque for the front wall will make up a great gift for someone who has just now settled into his new house.
  • Welcome door mat, especially if personalized, is just the gift for a new homeowner.
  • You can give gift certificates for the nearest home improvement store, to let them buy things that they really want.
  • An alarm system is a very good gift fro someone who has recently shifted to his new house.
  • If the homeowners are fond of antiquities, you can present them with antique showpieces or an antique piece of furniture.
  • A bottle of wine, along with a wine opener and a wine bucket, is the perfect gift to celebrate a new house.
  • Make a gift basket, with an assortment of things like household cleaners, towels, tools and other knick knacks that are necessary in a new home.
  • Lawn mower, a necessary item that is often overlooked by new homeowners, is another good option.
  • What better way to rejoice over a new home than to have a barbeque, with all the friends and family members called over? Go ahead and buy a barbeque set for the proud owners.
  • If you have other friends or family members who can contribute with you, then getting a storage shed built for them is a good idea.
  • If you do not want to spend too much money, then go for the inexpensive, but necessary things, such as coasters, table mats, photo frames, etc.
  • You can go the traditional way and gift a symbolic basket containing bread, wine and salt.
  • If the homeowner enjoys alcohol, you can present different types of glasses, like martini, margarita or pilsner glasses.
  • A bunch of flowers in a beautiful vase is a great gift, especially since the latter can be used for decorating purposes for years to come.

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