Planning a housewarming party would require you to stick to certain basic tips and ideas. Go through this article and get information on how to throw a housewarming party.

How To Throw A Housewarming Party

You have just shifted to a new house and now you are worried about throwing the housewarming party. Hold on! Just relax a bit and let yourself get acquainted with the new home first. Allow everything to settle in and fit into place. Then, you can start thinking about the party as well. Planning as well as throwing a housewarming party is not too difficult; only you need to keep certain basic tips in mind. In order to help all those who want to know how to throw a housewarming party, we have listed a number of ideas below as well.
Planning A Housewarming Party
Deciding the Date
For throwing a housewarming party, the first thing that you will need to decide upon is the date for the same. Since you are moving into a new house, give yourself some time to settle in and prepare yourself for the party. In fact, it is advisable to have the housewarming party at least a month after you have moved in, so that your guests are not treated to a sight of packed boxes.
Sending the Invitations
After you have settled on the perfect date for your housewarming party, it is the time to send the invitations. You need to give your guests at least one week time to prepare for the party, so send the invitations 7-10 days in advance. Make sure to specify the time, date and venue in the same. You can also include a map in the invitation, including the directions to your house, from a known landmark.
About the Menu
A housewarming part is an invitation to the guests, to come and explore your new house. Since almost all of them would be undertaking a tour of your house, it would be advisable to serve simple, non-messy finger food initially. You can also try keeping a different finger food in each room of the house. Apart from that, make sure to arrange for the drinks, main course as well as dessert.
Informal Tours
In a housewarming party, almost every guest would like to explore your house a bit. So, make sure to offer your guests informal tours of your new house. As far as possible, try to show them all the rooms yourself. If that is not possible, you can always invite them to explore them on their own. Make efforts to answer their questions about the house or neighborhood.
Some Tips
  • One day before the party, give your new house a thorough cleaning. While the guests would not expect to see a perfect house, layers of dust on the fireplace mantle would not be a welcoming sight either.
  • Throughout the party, make sure that you pour wine, make drinks or offer other beverages to the guests, while they are eating appetizers or snack foods.
  • After the party is over, do make sure to thank the guests for taking out the time to attend your party and make it all the more lively.
  • Do make sure to invite your neighbors to the party as well. After all, you will now become a member of their community and this is the perfect chance to know them.

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