Planning a housewarming party will be the next step after moving into a new home. With the ideas given in this article, you will get to know how to plan a housewarming party.

How To Plan A Housewarming Party

Organizing a housewarming party is a good way to bid a warm welcome to your family and friends, after you move into a new home. People organize housewarming party in many ways. While many of them prefer the informal way of welcoming their friends by organizing barbeque party at their backyards, others prefer the usual way of sit-down dinner. Whatever, the way is, you should know how to plan the event so that it becomes a memorable event for the years to come. Read this article and get bright ideas for planning a housewarming party.
Ideas For Planning A Housewarming Party
Make a list of guests you want to invite to your housewarming party. Although people nowadays are used to sending invitations online, via e-mail, it is more exciting and personal to invite your friends and relatives via the conventional mailing system. Send cards to your guests one week prior to the party. Mention the date, time and the type of the party (whether it is an informal outdoor barbeque or formal sit-down dinner) and an idea about the attire. Since some people may not know the exact location of your new home, it will be of great help for them, if you include a map in your invitation.
Your guests will be interested in looking at how the furnishings and décor of your new home. This is the occasion where cleaning is the top most priority. Hence, keep the house spick and span. After finishing the cleaning process, concentrate on decorating your home. Use balloons and ribbons for the purpose. Arrange the utensils, plates and glasses on the dining table, well before the guests arrive. Place decorative candles and a bouquet of fresh cut flowers on the table. You may add a centerpiece on the dining table. A welcome banner at the entrance will look nice.
At the housewarming party, since your guests will be walking about inspecting your new home, it is better to give less importance to the menu. Keep the food simple. Casual finger foods will be the best choice. It is a bright idea to set up food in several different locations throughout your home. Set up stalls in each of the room. Keep small plates and tissues around the food.
Touring around your new home will be the main event at your housewarming party. Therefore, you need to plan it tactfully. To conduct the tours smoothly, assign a host/tour guide, who will answer the door and welcome your guests. He/she may be your close friend, relative or yourself.

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