Homemade Halloween props, carved out of cardboards and other craft materials, look very scary. Learn how to make handmade Halloween props.

Homemade Halloween Props

Dancing skeletons, bizarre costumes and scary makeup - together set the mood for a haunting Halloween party. Apart from this, decorations and props contribute to make the ambience scarier. Making Halloween props at home is a fun filled activity, especially if the kids get involved in the process. A variety of props can be made using stuff that you find at craft stores. So, this season, visit the nearest craft shop, stock yourself with the required raw materials and get engaged in making unique props! Check out the ideas below and know how to make handmade Halloween props.
Homemade Halloween Props 
  • Foam core board is a very versatile material, used to make handmade Halloween props. Using a sharp craft knife, cut few shapes out of the board, resembling tombstone. Spray paint the pieces and carve names and dates on them. This is a perfect prop for graveyard concept of Halloween!
  • Poster board can also be used to make props at home. Draw some witch and ghostly silhouettes on the poster board. Using a craft knife cut out the figures and hang them from trees in the front porch or from the window sill. This is a ghastly way to welcome your Halloween party guests!
  • Creepy cobwebs can act as scary prop. Drape few strands of extremely thin, wispy threads over the entrance way. Illuminate your home with dimmed light so that your guests do not see the strings and just feel the “cobwebs” brushing their face and arms.
  • Jack-o-lanterns for headless horseman’s head can be made using papier mache. Spray-paint the dried piece of papier mache to get a realistic look.
  • Get some old clothes, such as pants and shirts, and stuff them with sheets of other clothes, torn into strips. Scatter all the tops and bottoms over your front porch. It will look as if dummies or dead people are lying everywhere.
  • Spooky signs can be made out of cardboard. Cut pieces of cardboards into desired shapes. Using black paint, write what you want on your signs. After the paint dries completely, trace letters in 'glow in the dark' paint. After the signs dry completely, smear coffee water on them in order to give a rough and worn-out effect and then hang them on your front porch.

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