Activities add the element of fun and excitement to a Christmas party. Go through the article, to explore some fun games and activities for a Christmas party.

Christmas Party Activities

Christmas serves as the perfect time for jubilation and merriment. Christmas parties are full of entertainment, making them fun to attend. However, a party can turn out to be boring if there are no activities for the guest to get involved in. Games and activities bring in excitement and thrill to a party. From kids to adults, everyone loves and enjoys lighthearted activities. They increase the participation level and impart enthusiasm to the party atmosphere. Check out some fun games and activities you would not want to miss for the Christmas party.
Christmas Party Activities
Sea King 
  • In the Sea King game, a player is chosen to play the role of the “Sea King”.
  • The other players are seated in a circle and the person selected as the Sea King stands in the center.
  • You have to make the circle as large as possible.
  • Each player chooses a name of a Christmas item such as wreath, tree, bells, etc, as his/her name.
  • As the Sea King calls out a name, the player whose name has been called gets up and follows the Sea King, who starts running around the circle. 
  • After all the payers have left their seats, the sea king calls out, “Sea is troubled”, and sits on a seat immediately.
  • Following him, the other players also rapidly seat themselves.
  • The player who fails to get a seat has to take the place of the Sea King and the game continues. 
Christmas Tree Activity 
  • Set a large Christmas tree in the middle of a room.
  • Keep a table along with it and place all the ornaments required to decorate the tree on it.
  • The task will be to decorate the Christmas tree, but with a difference. The players will be blindfolded and taken near the tree, one by one.
  • Set a time limit for decorating the tree.
  • The person who decorates in the most beautiful manner is the winner.  
Balloon Tower
Materials Required
  • 20 un-inflated balloons per person
  • Plenty of tape
  • Stopwatch or timer
  • Tape measure 
  • Divide the participants into teams, with about five players per team.
  • Give each team un-inflated balloons and a few rolls of clear tape.
  • The team is required to blow the balloon and make free-standing tower from them, within the set time limit.
  • The team with the highest tower is the winner.

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