Help volunteers volunteer better; by giving them inexpensive gifts & appreciating them for their hard work. In case you are looking for some cheap gift ideas for volunteers, read on.

Inexpensive Gifts For Volunteers

There are many organizations that function on a non-profit basis. Their main aim is to deal with social issues and empower vulnerable sections of the society. These organizations function on external funding and mange to operate by hiring volunteers. As the word suggests, volunteers are people who voluntarily agree to work for free or a humble stipend amount. The reasons why people like to volunteer is that they want to contribute to the society and lesser privileged factions. Volunteers all over the world are accustomed to working round the clock. They are considered as representatives of better parts of the society and are invariably considered as a helping hand, no matter what the issue. Their justification for working hard is the gratification they get by making a difference in somebody’s life.


It is important to encourage volunteers, so that they are even more motivated to work towards the betterment of the society. In other words, they need to be shown regular and relevant appreciation for the work that they do. However, non-profit organizations usually run on a tight rein, in terms of budget, as they depend mostly on donations and the like. So, they cannot afford to spend too much on things like gifts for volunteers, when they have other, more demanding issues that require monetary support. It would defeat their very purpose if volunteers started expecting expensive gifts as a form of appreciation. However, the organizations can find unique ways to spend less, while not compromising on expressing their appreciation towards volunteers . A few inexpensive gifts for volunteers have been mentioned below.

Cheap Gift Ideas For Volunteers
  • Handmade bags, table mats, clothes, shoes or other products made by local communities, received as samples or otherwise, make creative and functional gifts for volunteers.
  • A full course meal once a while, which could be home cooked or arranged in a quality restaurant, is another good idea. A simple meal consisting of local cuisine could also be arranged at home, to give time to volunteers to unwind.
  • Special trips that sometimes only non-profit organizations get permission to participate in, make another great gift.
  • You could present the volunteers with local restaurant gift certificates and other gift vouchers.
  • Books serve as a good option for volunteers, especially the ones that speak about the local culture or give information that will make the volunteer’s stay much easier.
  • Weekend local trips to leisure places nearby or access to scenic spots that are not too far could also work well.
  • You could present the volunteers with framed photographs of the events that they have conducted ir contributed to.
  • An in-house massage is a good way to help volunteers relax, after working hard.
  • Handmade gifts, specifically made by local communities served by volunteers, will be a very appreciative gesture on the side of the organization as well as the community being served.

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