The thought of buying gifts for newborns is confusing in itself. It gets worse if you are broke and cannot splurge. This article gives you some interesting budget gift ideas for newborns.

Budget Gift Ideas For Newborns

Of all the wonderful creations of God, a baby is probably most pleasant and unique! The birth of a baby brings happiness not just to the baby’s family and relatives, but to everyone who hears of it. A baby sure is a bundle of joy, bringing happiness to all who see it, which is why it has become quite a tradition across the globe that parents of a newborn share their happiness with all those near and dear to them, so that everyone can shower their baby with love and blessings. If you get an invitation, it will be truly indecent not to attend the function and bless the baby. But what if you are invited for a baby shower at a time when you are completely broke or your salary is yet to get credited in the bank? This puts you in a tight spot. You will be forced to wonder if you should go to such a function without a gift or if you should even go to the function at all! You can find answers to your dilemma in the article below. Read on for some inexpensive gift ideas to present the little angel with, which are bound to make both baby and its parents happy.
Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Newborns
Given below is a list of gifts that are quite affordable and can be gifted to newborns without burning a hole in your pocket.

Knitted Clothes
All you need to knit a nice sweater or a cute pair of booties is some wool and a knitting needle, both of which can be bought without paying a pretty penny. If you are good at knitting, in a day or two you can get a special hand-made cardigan ready for the new-born. One another important thing is that you can personalize the sweater or whatever dress you are knitting by including the baby’s initials on the sweater. More than any other gift, this one is sure to have a very personal touch to it, along with being a very practical gift. If you could spare that kind of time, nothing would be more special than a hand knitted dress. Such gifts are not only greatly admired, but also amply demonstrate your concern for the well-being of the baby, without emptying your wallet!

Gift Certificates
If you think that an expensive gift is what a new mother wants for her baby, then you are wrong. The thing to consider while picking out a gift for a new-born is if it really is special. The gift needs to be worth more than what money could have bought and yet invaluable. The baby will anyways be getting the usual casually picked items up from a gift shop from someone or the other. Which is why something like a gift certificate matters; your financial contribution is a way to help secure her future with a commodity that usually only appreciates in value as she grows.

Gifting A Pledge
A rare but unique gift idea is the pledge. On some special paper, write out a kind of oath in which you mention some favors that you can do for the baby and the mother, to be redeemed when desired! For instance you can promise to babysit the baby for a day or accompany the mother to hospital or cook food for the family; anything to be of help to both the mother and the baby.

Baby Baskets
Though it is a very smart idea, if you try to buy one from a baby store, it might just rip off your wallet!  So here is a better idea; get individual items and beautifully pack them all into a basket. Personalize the basket by decorating it with satin ribbons, glitter and other trim. The personalized baby hamper can include powder, soap, clothes, rattles, feeding bottles, baby shoes, etc., as a whole, or in combinations. The number and kinds of things that go into it depend entirely on your budget.

Do not get surprised by the word book, as you needn’t be Einstein to understand that newborns do not need books! However, a mother might, especially if she needs tips on matters such as feeding the baby, giving it a wash or changing diapers. If you can’t afford a book, you can even take out prints of some interesting topics regarding baby-care from the internet, bind them beautifully, and gift them in a nice wrapping. Your friend will be more than happy for such a thoughtful gesture as it will benefit both her and her baby. Some priceless ideas are really so inexpensive!

Headrests Or Pillows
You can make some good soft cushions at home. All it will take is some sponge and soft colored fabric. It is not a Herculean task to stitch some pillows and you can even personalize them by embroidering or painting the baby’s name or some fun and cute pictures on it. Easily available fabric colors can be very handy for such a job. You can even make headrests in a similar way. This gift is definitely going to help the baby sleep soundly.

Cradles are expensive, it is true. But what if you have an old cradle or crib stacked up in the storeroom, but still in a good condition? With a little bit of bright artwork on it, you can turn that old crib into looking almost like a spanking new one. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Take the cradle, wash it nicely and paint it in different colors letting loose all your creativity on sprucing it up. Hang or glue on some dangles or toys and your budget gift is ready! This is quite like ‘old wine in a new bottle’, only much sweeter as it can even be considered a family heirloom gift!

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