Do you want to make your bridal bouquet at home but don’t know how to do it? This article will tell you how you can get your own homemade bridal bouquets.

How To Make A Bridal Bouquet

If you were to go the conventional way, you would find yourself contracting someone to arrange for the flowers for your wedding and also the bridal bouquet. However, these days more and more people are beginning to lean towards the ‘do it yourself’ options. There are also those who simply buy their bridal bouquets from a florist. The only problem with the readymade bouquets is that there is no way to change them and you won’t always find exactly what you are looking for. No bride is ready for her wedding till she has her bridal bouquet made and ready to be carried by her. Making a bridal bouquet requires a lot of forethought and planning, but contrary to popular belief, it is not that difficult to make one. If you want to make your bridal bouquet and ensure that it has the personal touch that you are looking for, this article will be able to help you out. 

Making Bridal Bouquet At Home
If you follow these simple steps then you too will be able to make yourself that dream bridal bouquet that you always wanted.

  • The very first step in getting the bouquet ready is to work out all the logistics involved in the making of the bouquet. First you will need to decide on whether you plan on using real flowers or artificial flowers. If you have decided to use real flowers, then the next step for you will be to determine if they are available and if they are, do they fit your budget? You might want to work out how and when you will get the flowers so that you have enough time to sit and make the bouquet without having the flowers wilt on the wedding day.
  • To make the bouquet take a bunch of artificial flowers to practice on as you wouldn’t want to ruin the real flowers a day before your wedding.
  • You will need about 20-30 flowers (for a medium sized bouquet. You can use more if you want the bouquet to be bigger) for the entire bouquet. Once you have the flowers in front of you, take all the flowers and cut the stem off about nine inches below the flower and keep them in water to prevent them from wilting.
  • Once you have cut the stems to size, it’s time to clean them up. Take a knife and gently remove all the thorns and leaves from them. Be sure not to damage the stem by making it shorter or scraping off chunks in a way that makes the stem weak.
  • Once all the stems are clean and ready take about five or six flowers and arrange them together. Once they are evenly aligned, it would be best to tie them off with a rubber band. These flowers are going to be the centre of your bouquet and should not move around or look uneven.
  • Once the center of the bouquet has been secured, start arranging the rest of the flowers around it so that they form even, concentric circles around the center of your bouquet.
  • Once the flowers have been arranged, tie them off with yet another rubber band. This will ensure that they don’t move around and spoil the look of your bouquet.
  • Once everything is firmly in place, take a satin ribbon and start wrapping it around the stem of your bouquet. Make sure the wrapping is even and does not overlap too much. Also ensure that none of the rubber band is visible once you are done wrapping.
Now that your bouquet is ready, it would be a smart idea to keep it in some clean water so that it does not wilt. It would be advisable that you do all this a day before the wedding rather than on the morning of the wedding.

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