Hulk is a popular fictional comic character, published by Marvel Comics. Explore this article to know interesting & amazing information on the origin & background of Hulk Hogan.

History Of Hulk

Hulk is one of Marvel Comics’ most recognized heroes, which has been featured in several animated series, a TV show and several TV movies. Since its creation in 1962, Hulk has been faced by most villains and heroes in the vast Marvel universe as well as the ones created by other publishers. Hulk has been gifted with many powers beyond his normal superhuman strength and stamina. He can heal from major wounds rapidly and can even speak to and see spirits and astral bodies from another planet. The character has been accepted well by people and has had a long running success. Read through the following lines to know more interesting and amazing information on the origin and background of Hulk.
Interesting & Amazing Information On Origin & Background Of Hulk 
The Hulk comic book was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962. Its history is based on an intriguing story of a brilliant nuclear scientist, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner. Banner becomes a victim of gamma radiation that goes wild after being caught in a nuclear radiation. Eventually, Banner gets transformed into the most powerful man-like creature to ever walk the earth, known as The Incredible Hulk. This happens when he is under too much stress, which makes him change into the dark personification of his repressed rage and fury.
The first Hulk was gray in color rather than green as Lee did not want to represent any specific ethnic group. Since, it was impossible to consistently reproduce the gray due to the reproduction technology; the second issue of The Hulk saw a green Hulk. The first volume had six issues but soon the character was seen making cameos in titles such as ‘The Fantastic Four’, ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ and ‘The Avengers’. In 1964, the Hulk returned to a backup feature in the series ‘Tales To Astonish’ that continued to run till April 1968.
This character generated by Lee and Kirby was well-accepted which was later converted into a television show starring Bill Bixby as David Banner in 1970s. Lou Ferrigno played the character of The Hulk. In 1977, Hulk was first broadcasted and was a phenomenon. Special effects were minimal at this time and were in their initial stage. The Hulk rocked and was found amazing as an average looking man transformed into a gigantic green muscle bound creature which beat up all bad boys and saved all the damsels in distress.
82 episodes were telecasted in the whole series between 1977 and 1982. But, in late 1981, the fifth season of The Hulk was cancelled. The show became so popular that three reunion movies were produced. The year 1998 saw the debut of a new comic book titled “The Rampaging Hulk” which dealt with stories in the early history of the Hulk before anybody knew that Bruce Banner himself was Hulk. It lasted 6 issues.
In 2003, The Hulk was released on the silver screen by Universal Pictures. In 2008, a new Hulk series was retitled The Incredible Hercules. Marvel launched a new volume of Hulk where readers saw the appearance of a new, Red Hulk. The character has been depicted as progressively more muscular in the years since its debut.

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