If you are fond of origami, read the instructions given below on how to make a paper airplane. Check out tips for making a paper aeroplane.

How To Make A Paper Airplane

As a child, each one of you must have tried hands at origami, which is an art form of making things by using paper. One of the most common objects that children enjoy making with paper is an airplane. Not only is it easy to make, but it is also fascinating to see it fly high in the air. In case you are no longer a kid and do not feel the same fervor for it, it will still be helpful to know how to make an aeroplane. There will surely be kids around who would love it, if not now, then sometime later. So, to impress those little angels, read the instructions given below for making a paper airplane.
Tips on How to Make a Paper Airplane 
  • Take a rectangular piece of paper.
  • Lay the paper on a table, keeping one of the long edges towards your side.
  • Fold the paper in half, lengthwise.
  • Matching up the two edges, make a sharp crease along the fold, using your thumbs.
  • Now, take the upper left corner of the top layer of paper and fold it, diagonally, to meet the first crease.
  • When the edges match up, make a sharp crease along the new fold, creating a small triangular flap.
  • After this, turn the paper over.
  • Fold the upper right corner of the top layer of paper, diagonally, toward yourself.
  • Match the edges with the first crease you made and make a sharp crease along the new fold.
  • Now, take the freshly made diagonal edge and fold it straight towards the first crease.
  • On matching the edges, make a sharp crease.
  • Once again, turn the paper over and fold the diagonal edge down toward the first crease.
  • Make another sharp crease, such that the paper looks like a right angle (90 degree) triangle.
  • To make the wings, flip the airplane over and repeat the immediate above two steps.
  • Hold the plane in one hand along the first crease and let the wings flare out.
  • At 4 or 5 inches from the nose of the plane, make a 1/2 inch rip in the bottom surface of the plane as well as another rip just behind it.
  • Now, fold this tab up and hold it to toss the plane in an overhand, horizontal forward motion.

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