While making paper crane, you should carefully crease the corners of the sheet. Explore the article to learn how to make paper cranes.

How To Make A Paper Crane

Paper crafts for children range from easy, moderate to the difficult ones. The folding techniques used in making a paper crane make it one of the most intricate paper crafts. Although it is a bit complicated to do, the craft is quite interesting. All you need is a little bit of patience and the knowledge about how to fold the paper properly. You may find it difficult to master the craft on the first try. However, with practice, you will find it easier to make the flying bird. Explore the instructions given in this article and know how to make a paper crane.
Making Paper Cranes 
  • Take a square shaped sheet of paper. Fold the paper into half to form a triangle. Trim the excess of paper using scissors.
  • Fold the edges of the trimmed paper in order to form triangle. Now, bring the bottom right corner of the paper to its top left-hand portion and fold it.
  • Open the paper and repeat the above step. This time, you will bring the left-hand corner of the paper and fold it towards the top right-hand corner.
  • To crease the paper width-wise, you need to turn it over. By doing this, the centre point of the paper is lifted up a little bit.
  • Create two center folds by bringing the top and bottom of left side to the top and bottom of the right side.
  • Repeat the above step to fold the paper lengthwise. Take the bottom left, right corners of the paper, and fold them up, towards the top and right corners.
  • Open the folded sheet. By this time, your paper will have eight creases. Collect the points of each corner of the paper and bring them to the center.
  • Hold the edges of the paper in the corner one of your hands. With the other hand, flatten the paper in order to make it a square.
  • Hold the square shaped paper in such a way that the open corners are pointing upwards. Now, fold the points to the center. This will give the appearance of a kite.
  • Repeat the above step for the other side of the 'kite' as well.
  • Unfold the four corners of the kite. Now, by taking crease marks as the reference points, fold the corners in the opposite direction.
  • Secure the split point of the paper on the right side, into the crease present on the left.
  • The split ends of the kite will be pointing towards the right. Bring the point of the bottom split towards the left bottom crease. Pull the point down, as to make it parallel to the left point.
  • Repeat the above step with the tail end as well, to give the appearance of a crown. Ensure that the tail and head are folded at the same angles.
  • In order to make the head for your paper crane, crease the front point for a few times, using your thumb and index finger. This will form a small head with a beak.
  • To make the wings for the crane, pull the point of the middle portion of the paper downwards. Crimp it slightly back.
  • Your paper crane is ready! You may now color it.

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