There is an easy way for making a paper gun, which is quite enjoyable. Check out tips on how to make a paper gun.

How To Make Paper Gun

Most children pester their parents to get them toy guns to play with. Though parents may get it for them, it may prove to be harmful at times, as these toy guns have sharp ends that could end up hurting children while they play with it. So, what could be the perfect solution for getting a toy gun that won’t hurt? The answer is to make a paper gun all by yourself and enjoy to the fullest. It is not all that difficult to make a paper gun and in fact, requires just a very little amount of time to make. So, follow the useful tips given below and know how to make a really cool and safe paper gun!
Making Paper Gun
Simple Paper Gun
Material Required
  • Notebook 
  • Pick up any of your ordinary notebook and take out two pieces of paper from it. Fold each sheet of paper into an exact half, lengthwise.
  • Fold the resultant half into another half and that resultant into another half. So, you have folded your paper thrice in half, lengthwise.
  • Now, take one paper and fold into a half across the width or breadth. When you fold, it should take the shape of a barrel.
  • Take the other piece of paper and fold each end at an angle of 90o, leaving some 4 inches in the center.
  • Now, you need to fold that paper so that both the 90o ends are aligned with each other. Make sure you don’t tear the paper while doing this!
  • In this step, you would be required to slide the barrel around both the 90o angles, so that it goes into the pocket that is created by both. Now, you can pull it back and slide it ahead and enjoy your awesome paper gun! 
Shooting Paper Gun
Materials Required
  • Scissors
  • Paper (Loose Leaf)
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Stapler
  • Index Card 
  • Take a paper and roll it in such a way so that its diameter is 1 cm. Now, stick tape at both the ends and in the middle, so that it does not open up.
  • Now, take another sheet and roll it over the above sheet and again apply tape over both the ends and in the middle.
  • When you are done with the above task, pull out the first roll from it and cut out 2 inch square on the top of both the pipes.
  • Using another sheet of paper, fold it half horizontally on both the sides, so that it fits in the hand and also gives space to the index finger to reach the trigger.
  • Staple both the ends in a way that one end is bigger than the other and mag does not fall out.
  • After completing the above task, take the index card and stuff it in the bigger side of the mag. Cut the extra mag out of it and stick it to the third pipe at a distance of 1-inch.
  • Now, slide in the first pipe into the second pipe, leaving 1 cm so that it sticks out of it.
  • Take this pipe to the third pipe and stick tape at both the ends. This will be the barrel.
  • Cut 3/4th of the bottom of the pipe and the top part of the same pipe where the hole was made. Slide that pipe over the first and second.
  • Take a small piece of paper and fold it in, about half a cm wide. Staple both the ends of it at the mag slot.
  • Make the bullet by taking a small piece of paper and inserting it at the top hole.
  • Pull back the first pipe to blow the bullet, but don’t apply much force over it or else it will come out of the second part.
  • Voila! Your safe gun is made.

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