Grilled fish is not only tasty but also easy to make. Explore the article below to know the various ways to grill fish.

How To Grill Fish

Grilling a fish gives it a smoky flavor that complements with it so well, that it makes the taste buds go on an overdrive. As opposed to common cooking, grilling a fish is easy and fast, though it sounds difficult. Fish cooks best in direct heat, so, in a matter of minutes the fish is grilled. The only requirements are a good fish, proper tools, and the right condition of fire. The fish should be fresh, so that it does not disintegrate on the grill. The spatula you use should be broad, so that it is easy to turn the fish, without breaking. A fish grilled to perfection depends on its being cooked evenly, so turn it a number of times. Lemon and whiskey blends perfectly with every type of grilled fish, so keep it handy. The trouble is to stop the fish from sticking into the grill. This can be prevented by oiling or buttering the grill thoroughly. Read the article below to know how you can grill fish.
Tips For Grilling Fish
Fish Fillets 
Light, and heat up the grill for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then take the fish fillets, which should ideally be about an inch thick, and season it with salt, pepper or any other dry seasoning of your choice. To prevent the fish fillets from sticking into the grill, oil it lightly. Keep the fish on the grill, directly above the heat. Listen for the hissing sound, as you put the fish fillets, which will mean that the grill is heated to the right degree. After 3 minutes, use a fork to turn the fillet over and, cook the other side. You can know, if the fish is cooked, if the inside is no longer opaque and comes off easily with a fork.
Take a trout and gut it. Put the ingredients evenly inside the fish. Use a foil to cover the fish and leave it for refrigeration for 2 hours. Heat the grill and smear oil, on the grate. Before putting the fish on the grill, season it with, salt and pepper. Grill each side for five to six minutes, and check to see if the meat comes off easily. Remove carefully and serve.
Prepare salmon fillets with soy sauce, orange juice, and garlic. Place the fillets on a plate, and gently pour whiskey all over it. Keep the salmon for refrigeration for at least two hours. Next, place it on a preheated grill, and cook each side of the fish for five minutes. You can know if the fish is cooked when the color starts to fade. 
Red Snapper 
Heat the grill to the maximum. Prepare a mix with salt, garlic, onion, pepper, and oregano. Cut the snapper into inch thick fillets and add the mixture on both sides of the fish. Heat the limejuice and add butter to it, and mix it well. Put the fish in the grill and cook it for four minutes, on each side. Before serving, garnish the fillets with a spoonful of lemon- butter mixture and parsley.
In Banana Leaves 
Grilling fish in banana leaves is an excellent way to cook whole fish, without making a mess. The leaves hold the fish together and it is also easy to turn. It also prevents the fish from, sticking on the grill. The ingredients also do not fall off, and the flavors remain inside. Almost all types of fish can be grilled in banana leaves.

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