Eating nutritious food at work is imperative for keeping mind and body fit and healthy. Read on to explore ideas on the many healthy lunch options available for you at work.

Healthy Lunch Options For Work

Are you just plain tired of eating the same tasteless, oil laden parathas at office and are desperately looking for a change in your lunch box menu? Well, most working men and women prefer to eat at office cafeteria or neighborhood eatery or worse skip lunch to spare them the horror of cooking every day. Result - expanding waistline and poor fitness. If you are one of those many people who take up roadside food every day, it is time for you switch on to a healthier, homemade lunch option. For those who do not consume lunch at all, you need to understand that mid-day meal is vital for our body. Long stretches of work hours send our body begging for food, making one susceptible to give in to junks to appease the hunger pangs. Remember, junks do more harm to your body than what meets the eye. Thus, it is important for you to eat healthy. If you are looking for tasty homemade options for your lunch box daily, checking out the below mentioned ideas may help. Read on for more on this.
Nutritious Lunch Box Ideas For Work
  • If you are bored of hogging on green salad every day, thanks to your expanding waistline, how about treating yourself to a plate of yummy salads that is easy to dish up and extremely yummy and healthy to binge on. You can opt for something like appleslaw, button mushroom salad, chicken salad and more. Just grab on some healthy dressing and your favorite fruits and veggies, toss them together and wonder your coworkers with your nutritious yet tasty lunch box.
  • If you are game for a healthier tastier snacking option for a quick grub, how about going for something that is high on nutrients and taste too? Consider options like baked bean wraps, corn rolls, banana French toast, bread rolls for your lunch box, than those sticky oil laden parathas and cheese sandwiches.
  • Soup is indeed a no-brainer recipe that hardly needs any effort to stir up and makes for a yummy healthy lunch option. You can add variety to your daily tomato and sweet and sour soup by playing with options like avocado and corn soup, carrot and almond soup and more. You can also carry crusty zesty bites as accompaniments.  
  • For healthy eating, all it takes is a few exciting eating options! Liven up your lunch hours with tasty, healthy, finger-licking meals like cheesy macaroni, crispy noodle rice, grilled vegetable risotto. These ensure a satiated stomach till dinner time, without that mid-afternoon insulin slump.
  • Are you tired of gorging on chicken rolls, chicken sandwich and burgers? If yes, then going for vegan may offer that much needed taste for your buds. How about indulging in Chinese stir fried vegetables or chunky vegetable stew? These recipes would help you devour on delicacies, without compromising on your health.
  • How about using the leftover meat from the night before? Sounds great, isn’t it? For instance, try chopping up leftover chicken to make a chicken salad sandwich. You can make practically any kind of sandwich with leftover meat dishes. A teriyaki chicken breast, steak sandwich or a grilled salmon fillet sandwich can be utmost delicious and nutritious. Also, not to forget these lunch box ideas would definitely get your coworkers drooling for a bite!

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