Are you worried that you won’t have enough funds to be able to pay for your wedding? This article will give you tips on how you can plan a cheap wedding.

How To Plan A Cheap Wedding

Weddings are an expensive affair and not everyone has the means to pay for an elaborate one. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you don’t have the money to spend on a really fancy wedding. The lack of such money does not mean that you will not be able to celebrate at all. There are ways that you can make your wedding celebration work even with a small budget and still have a day worth remembering. Conducting your wedding on a slim budget is not that big of a challenge. All you will need to do is to be a bit careful about the numbers and locations. You may not be able to send out the most grand invitation cards or host the reception at the most swanky hotel, but you will certainly be able to get married and still be able to show your guests a good time. 

Cheap Wedding Planning
Let’s see how you could go about planning a wedding when you are on a tight budget.

  • The very first thing you will need to do is to define your budget and write down the cost of every single thing to see what the expenses are like. This will help keep a track of what everything will cost individually and also let you decide where you can save money.
  • Once you have the finances written out, start smoothening out the edges by evaluating the cost of the venue. If the regular places are out of the question, then you can shift the venue of the wedding to places like your garden or an inexpensive hall. The same principals would also apply to your reception.
  • The wedding cards that you send out can cost quite a bit. The cost depends on the type of paper, the designs used and the number of cards printed. Try to choose an inexpensive but good card.
  • The cost of the cards also brings up the matter of the guests. If you are working off a tight budget, then you would not be smart if you invited half the city to your wedding. The best thing would be to have a small gathering of the people who matter the most to you. There is no need to chase down your school friends whom you haven’t seen in nearly 10 years and invite them also. A collection of people like your parents, a few close relatives and some of your closest friends should do just fine.
  • When it comes to the clothes, buying an expensive dress or suit that you are not likely to wear after your wedding would not be smart. Your first option would be to buy economical clothing that meets your requirements without being expensive. Other options include services that allow you to rent clothes for all occasions. You could hire a wedding dress or suit from such a service provider.
  • The next big expense you will come across will be the cake and feeding your guests. You could go in for a good caterer who does not cost too much and avoid having a very elaborate wedding cake baked for the wedding. Keeping it simple is not such a bad thing.
  • Decorations are also something that can add to the cost of your wedding. You can’t go through a wedding without them, but you can reduce the amount they cost. Since flowers can be an expensive proposition, keep them only for the most important things like the bridal bouquets. You could also go in for artificial flowers as they work just as well as the real ones and cost half as much. To decorate the rest of the venue, you could go in for new ideas like using balloons. They look good and are not too taxing on the budget.
  • Since everyone would like to have photographs to remember the occasion by, hiring a photographer is a must. However, what you could do is to hire a reasonably priced photographer and ask for the most economical package that he or she has to offer. For the rest of the photographs you can ask your guests to take as many as they can.
Planning a wedding on a strict budget is not something to feel bad about. Your main objective, at all times, should be to have as much fun as you can.

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