Looking for centerpieces, which would fit in your budget? Read more to find cheap wedding centerpieces ideas.

Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

Whether you are planning a wedding, a romantic dinner or an anniversary party, your centerpiece is one of the most important things, which sets in the mood. At your wedding reception, your wedding centerpieces will reflect the mood of the party. Your centerpiece will be an added wow factor, which your guests will notice on their very first walk into the room. So, it’s important to choose a centerpiece, which complements the look, feel and the theme of your wedding reception. From fun, casual, elegant to trendy, there is a huge variety of centerpieces to choose from! They are an integral part of wedding reception decoration and demand a bit of thought and planning. You can spend a lot of money on wedding centerpieces designed by interior designer or by a florist, or you could just go the homemade way. The better choice is to look for some creative alternatives, which are simple, elegant and fit in your budget. You can also design your own wedding centerpieces with just a dash of creativity, which will be reflected in your creation! Here are some ideas for great wedding centerpieces, which will add glitter and glow to the décor, without breaking your budget. 
Cheap Wedding Centerpieces Ideas 
  • If you are looking for cheap but elegant looking centerpieces then candles can be your first pick. You can pick different height pillar candles to adorn the table. Glass bowls filled with water and floating candles make great wedding centerpieces. You can always add extra touch to this by adding beads of different color, shells, or flowers to the bowl.
  • If you are searching for something classic then traditional candelabras can be your pick. Find out if the venue you are using can provide you with candelabras. This will save any extra cost on centerpieces.
  • A centerpiece of baskets and jars filled with candies is surely yummy and your guests will love to dig in it. Choose your favorite candies for the jars or pick those candies, which match or complement the colors of the wedding décor. To find bargain on jars and glass containers, you can look around for local stores. So, why not go for candy centerpiece!
  • Small wedding cakes can serve as good wedding centerpiece. Rather than one large wedding cake, ask the baker to make small wedding cakes, which will serve as delicious centerpieces. Or you could cut your wedding cake and have the couples accompany you by cutting their table’s cake. This will be a great celebration to watch!
  • Instead of flowers, have plants serve as centerpieces. Plants can be attractive centerpieces! Pick your favorite plants but just make sure that they are not too big as they will obstruct the view and won’t let your guest see each other. Herbs can be a great pick as they not only emanate great scent but also bring crisp and clean look.
  • Foods always work as great centerpieces. You can have a platter filled with appetizer for your guests. This will serve as great centerpiece and will be well appreciated by guests, as they would have some delicious picks to munch on!
  • Choose picture frames of different sizes. Add your favorite photograph to each of the frame. This will serve as a lovely and elegant centerpiece, appreciated by all!
  • Place a large basket or two to three small baskets in the center of the table. Tie a ribbon or a bow around each basket. Fill the basket with candies or flowers.
  • If you are planning to serve liquor in the wedding reception then a bottle of wine in a basket can serve as a great wedding centerpiece.
  • Wedding centerpieces can be the way to show your creativity! Paper wedding cake can be your idea of centerpiece. It’s easy to make. For a three-tier cake, cut three circles of different sizes from large, medium, and small. Next, cut strips of papers as high as you wish each tier to be, and long enough to wrap all around the circles. Attach the pieces together by taping the edges from inside with masking tape. Add ribbons, trim, and decorate with flower cuttings.
  • You can try this simple floral idea for beautiful and attractive centerpiece. Buy pots of ivy, cover the pots with moss and add a few small roses. Or you can choose simple glass vases to adorn with red flowers.
  • A love poem can be another great idea for wedding centerpiece!

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