A metaphor can be a figure of speech used as a comparison between two seemingly unrelated objects, people or situations.

Metaphor Examples

How many times have you compared your friends head to a melon just to poke fun at him? Every time you compare a person, place, object or a situation to something that seems to be unrelated to it, you are using a metaphor. A metaphor is used when you feel the need to express how strongly you feel about something. It can also be used when you wish to stress on conceptualizing something you felt, saw or experienced. What is interesting about metaphors is that there is no definite list of descriptions that can be used when you need to compare two things. Metaphors can also be made out of experiences you have shared with the people you talk to. Just like alliteration, metaphors are also a common part of our daily conversations and can be used even without realizing it. Metaphors have been used not only by us in daily conversations or by poets in their poems but also by various companies in an attempt to make their products sound more attractive. A good place to look for metaphors would be in the lyrics of songs and in poems. However, there are times when you need to be careful when using metaphors. More often than not when you mix two or more metaphors the end result does not make sense. To give you a better picture some examples of metaphors have been listed below.

Examples Of Metaphors

  • Life is a journey, travel it well. (United Airlines)
  • Life is a journey. Enjoy the Ride. (Nissan)
  • Life's a journey; travel light. (Hugo Boss Perfume)
  • Life is a game played on us while we are playing other games. (Evan Esar)
  • He has a head as big as a pumpkin.
  • He is just as scary as a happy clown.
  • A lifetime is a day, death is sleep; a lifetime is a year, death is winter.
  • As pale as the moon.
  • The goalkeeper was as solid as a rock.
  • You are the light of my life.
  • Every second felt like a year as we waited for news about the results of our exams.
  • As the blood rushed back to my numb hands, it felt like being pricked simultaneously by a million needles.
  • By the time the excitement was over my heart beat was racing faster than a horse at the Kentucky derby.
  • A teenage boy's stomach is like a bottomless pit.
  • He has a heart of gold.
  • The air conditioning made the entire office feel like the inside of a fridge.
  • The truth is always difficult to swallow.
  • They showered the birthday girl with gifts.
  • My memory of the events is foggy at best.
  • Your inputs will help shed light on the incident.
  • The criminal mastermind can always be trusted to hatch the most daring schemes.
  • Any company is said to be doing well when their efforts start to bear fruits.
  • All the other competitors in the race were slower than snails.
  • A Boxer is known to be as strong as an ox.

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