Pool golf is a fun yet a challenging game. Explore the article given below to know how to play pool golf.

How To Play Pool Golf



Pool golf or golf billiards is a pocket billiards game, which is generally played for money. It combines the fun and dexterity of playing pool with the challenge and tactics of golf in an easy to follow game, which allows more than two people, generally four, to play without changing any set of laws or any compromise. The game is based on the concept of golf game and is usually played on 10 by 12 foot snooker table and thus the name pool golf arises. The objective of the game is same as that of golf, the object is to have as few “strokes” as achievable, and the player with the lowest score wins. If you are bored of the traditional game and wants some variation or even if you love pool but are bored of playing the same game every time, this game is just for you. Explore the tips given below to know how to play pool golf.
Tips For Playing Pool Golf 
  • The first thing, which you have to do, is to divide the ball between each player with a specific numeric number. The player will always shoot in that order.
  • Now assign all the pockets numbers from one to six, probably in the clockwise direction.
  • The objective of the game would be to put the ball in the hole in the ascending order. For example, if you start the game, you need to pocket the ball in the first hole and likewise.
  • Choose one player who will start the game. That person is supposed to place the cue ball on the spot to break on the opening shot which is called as foot spot.
  • The game rotates and each time the player tries to put his ball into the first hole in minimum stroke.
  • The cue ball remains in the same spot and after the player has managed to pocket his ball in the first hole, in the next turn, he/she would try to pocket the ball in the second pocket in the same way.
  • You need to keep tracking the strokes a person has made to know who wins in the end.
  • If the person pockets the ball in the wrong hole, it is considered foul.

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