Picnics are fun filled occasions and games can make the occasion a more memorable one. Read on to find ideas for some fun games which you can play at a picnic.

Games To Play At A Picnic

A picnic is a great opportunity to catch up on some fun and excitement with our family and friends. It is just the right kind of refreshing break that everyone seeks in the fast-paced and hectic life of today. While picnic itself is very interesting, it can be made all the more joyous if you play some fun games. Games provide the excitement and the entertainment quotient to a picnic. Games to be played on a picnic usually depend on the place and the kind of people you are going out with. If it’s a family picnic, you should have games that are enjoyed by kids and senior alike. In case you are moving out with friends, then the games will be quite different. In the following lines, we have provided ideas for some games that you can play at a picnic.
Game Ideas for a Picnic
  • If you are picnicking with your family, have games for both elders and children. Games like different types of running race, jumping race and skipping race are fun, as both adults and kids enjoy them.
  • Passing the parcel is also a very cool picnic game. All it requires is some good music and a spirit to play. The moment you catch onto the fever of the game, it would be the most delightful way of spending the picnic.
  • If the place you are picnicking has a lot of open space you can indulge in outdoor sports, such as volley ball, frisbee, football, cricket, etc.
  • Treasure hunts are also excellent games you can play. One person identifies some thing and denotes it as a treasure, which is then hidden. The rest of the people would go in search for it. Whoever finds the treasure will be the winner of the game.
  • If the place you are going to has facilities of water around like a swimming pool or a beach, you can play water games as well.

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