If you are naive to the rules of dice games, then reading the following write-up on how to play dice games should put your gaming instincts on a winning edge.

How To Play Dice Games

Whether you are travelling, camping or just wondering what to do on a rainy day, dice games are possibly the best ways to beat your boredom blues and walk away with a few extra bucks. With the impressive surge in the popularity of dice games in recent years, dice games have managed to nail the attention of almost all gaming enthusiasts. Be it ‘poker’, ‘klondike’ or ‘chuck-a-luck’, dice games have become a huge hit in drawing rooms and casino clubs alike. However, dice games are no recent inventions and have served as the favorite pastime sports of our ancient ancestors as well. After all, this is one classic game where luck, skills, patience, dexterity and stakes always ride high. The good thing about dice games is that they aren’t just meant for the young tykes alone, but are also the perfect pastime games for adults as well. Before you get all charged up and head for the backgammon case or craps, just pause to decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes and the quitting time. While most dice games come with their own set of rules, knowing how to roll the dice to your favor can just put you on the winning edge. Check out the following section on how to play dice games and get your dice rolling.
Dice Games Rules 
  • Whether you are a backgammon buff or a poker aficionado, knowing how to roll the dice to your favor can after all leave you with a fatter wallet. Dice games can be very compelling, needless to say, the high suspense stakes that often rides with every roll. All dice games require a dice to begin with, but a few other dice games like ‘ludo’ or a couple of board games may need a throwing cup, pen, and paper. You can use counters, chocolates, matchsticks, pennies or even hard cash as stakes.
  • Ancient players used odd-looking dice, primarily made of animal knucklebones for their games. However, modern dice come in the six-sided cube variety, usually numbered with pits from one to six on each side. These number pits also called as “pips” dictate the game.  
  • To start the game, begin by rolling the die first. The player who gets the highest number pips by rolling the cube gets to start the game. In case both the player roll the same score on their first chance, they get to throw again. The player with the highest throw kicks off the game while the other players take their turn clockwise, regardless of their scores.
  • Many dice games like ‘five dice’ and ‘farkle’ require the player to throw two or more dice simultaneously, and then tally the scores to proceed in the game. This in a way adds to the suspense of the game. Depending on the number of dice thrown, totals fluctuate increasingly and expected outcomes sometimes swing to total surprise.
  • If a die falls flat on one side, but is somewhat tipped at an angle, then it’s declared cocked and should be re-thrown. Likewise, if a die lands over the other, it is declared as stack and must be re-thrown again. Unless the game you are playing comes with pre-defined rules, you can always make your own rules.

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