Playing marble games is a favorite pastime for children. Check out different ways and tips on how to play marbles.

How To Play Marbles

Almost all of you must have seen a group of kids standing in a small circle, carefully concentrating on a bunch of marbles, while one of them tries to aim. Ever wondered what could be so interesting that the kids are actually quietly concentrating! It is nothing but the game of marbles. Kids all over the world love to play this game and can be occupied in it for hours together. Ever wondered how is it played or what makes it so popular? Check out tips on how to play marbles.
Ways for Playing Marble Games 
  • To begin the game, a large circle is made, using chalk piece or a string or with a stick in case you have some soil nearby. The circle should be slightly big so that the marbles can move inside it freely.
  • You need to select a shooter, which should be a bit larger in size than the marbles. It should also be distinguishable from other marbles so that it doesn’t get lost. Place the other marbles as targets in a cluster inside the circle.
  • You need to aim carefully and shoot at the marble inside the ring of your choice with the shooter. This is done by forcefully flipping or tossing the shooter from between your thumb and closed palm.
  • The idea is to knock the marbles out of the ring. In case you succeeded in doing so, gather those marbles. You get another chance to aim and shoot in case you manage to knock out marbles from the ring.
  • If you didn’t manage to make any marble come out of the ring, your shooter remain inside the ring and the next person takes his turn to aim at the marbles, avoiding your shooter.
  • The game continues till the time the ring becomes empty and everyone has had their turn to shoot at the marbles. The player with the most marbles is the winner of the game.

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