Handball is a simple and very interesting game. Explore this article to know how to play handball.

How To Play Handball

Whether you are bored of soccer or you just want to try some new sports, handball is just for you. Actually, handball is the second largest sports in Europe and has over 15 million participants all over the world. The best part about this game is that it can be played by people of all age and size. It is also an inexpensive game and is suitable for both experienced and beginners. The game can be easily personalized to fit the number of participants, space, and time as per your needs. As it involves intense physical activities, it is a great exercise in itself. The rules of this game are very simple easy to understand. Read on to know how to play handball.            
Tips For Playing Handball
  • There are actually two kind of handball - American and Chinese. Know about both the versions before you decide on your choice. The main difference between them is that while in the Chinese version a player can bounce the ball against the ground once, in American format, the bouncing of the ball is not allowed.
  • Also, it is a fast moving game and needs all the participants in good shape. In addition, there is lots of twisting, running, and bending involved and so it is necessary that all the players be in a good shape as an injury can dampen the spirit of the game.
  • Now decide on the rules of the game whether it will be played in Chinese or American style. Also, lay simple rules for the game so that it is easy to understand and play.
  • Generally, handball is played in four-walled area of definite dimensions. These walls are called as front, back and side walls. In addition, there is a serving line from where the players can serve.
  • There is also a line called as short line positioned in front of the front wall, which plays an important role in the game. When the ball is served, it must pass behind the line to save it from foul.  
  • It is possible to score points only when serving. After the ball is served, it cannot hit the ground more than once. If it does touch the floor, the server gets the point. If the serve is returned by other players but the server’s return touches the floor then the server looses the serve.
  • It can be played with two, three, or four players. It is called singles when only two players play. It is called as cutthroat when it is played by three members. However, it is called doubles if four members play this game.
  • The game of handball can be won by reaching 21 points and the first person to achieve the score is considered a winner. In the game of three sets, a person to win two matches is considered winner. In case of a tie, the first player to reach eleven points is considered the winner of the game.
  • A handball player should wear gloves and eye gear. According to the rules, the player can hit the ball with only one hand. While serving the player should first drop the ball and then hit it at the time of first bounce. If the player is unable to do so, it is considered a fault. He/she only gets one more chance after which he/she has to give up the serve to other player. If there is, no fault the player can continue until there is an out.
  • The duration of the game is generally of two sets of thirty minutes.

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