If you don’t mind a little bit of gambling then keno is the best bet to start. If you are looking forward to it then in the article below are tips on playing keno.

How To Play Keno

According to a legend, keno was invented to fund the building of the Great Wall of China. Though there is no confirmation of the legend, it is without doubt that keno originated in China. It is basically a lottery game which is played with the first 80 Chinese characters. In China the game was so popular that, it is believed that the results of the game were sent from big cities to faraway places by carrier pigeons. Due to this keno was also known as ‘white pigeon tickets’. The game was brought to the U.S by Chinese immigrants and within a short span of time gained enormous popularity. In the U.S it underwent a variation, in that instead of the Chinese characters it was played with roman numerals. Nowadays keno is extensively played in casinos where it became popular because of large payouts that can be collected from small bets. As of now there are many versions of keno, with even a video version being available. Since, the game is very easy to play; we offer you some tips to help you get started.
Keno Rules
  • In a keno card there are eighty numbers arranged in eight rows of ten.
  • Mark any numbers from one to twenty.
  • Place the bets with a keno writer that the numbers drawn in the next game will be among the twenty numbers you have selected.
  • When the twenty numbers are drawn, the winning tickets receive the rate set according to the table. 
Video Keno
  • Video keno is also played on the same principle as live keno.
  • The keno card is displayed on the screen and the players have to select the numbers by clicking on it.
  • The numbers selected can be anywhere between 10, 15 and 20.
  • For betting there are two slots - Bet 1 and Bet Max. If you select Bet 1 then only one coin will be bet while if you select Bet Max, four coins will be bet.
  • The amount of bet won is determined by the number of matches, between the numbers you have selected and the numbers drawn by the computer. 
In keno there are various forms of betting. These are:
King ticket
The lone number selected is called the king, which can be used in all other combinations.
Straight ticket
The numbers which you bet on as single wagers is called a straight jacket. As this is a single combination it is very easy to play. However more combinations bring in more challenge.
Combination ticket
There is more than one number grouping and then there is a combination of these number groups.
Progressive jackpots
Progressive jackpots are offered by the keno games in case of higher bets or a higher number of totals.

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