Include a little bit of creativity and fun by playing plenty of kissing games to add liveliness and color to your party. Browse through this article to know different kissing party games.

Kissing Games

You are having a couple party at your house and everything is progressing smoothly. The venue is inviting, the food is exceptionally enticing and finger-licking, the music is enjoyable, and even the games are great. But your guests are missing the tempting cherry on the cake. On the approval of your guests, add some spice and real flavor to your party by playing different intimate and delightful kissing games. You have several games to choose from. But they all have one thing in common - kissing. Include them to your couple party for a more romantic feeling. Try them out with your partner to show your love, affection and passion towards your relationship. When played in groups, these games help you practice kissing. However, do not take the games too seriously as they are only meant for fun. No obligations please! Go through the following lines to find some exciting and thrilling kissing games. Check them out!
Fun Kissing Party Games
Spin The Bottle
Seat all the players in a circle, alternating a boy and a girl. A bottle is placed in the middle of the circle and each player takes turns to spin the bottle. The spinner becomes the kisser. On stopping, to whomsoever the bottle points out to is the person to be kissed. Some groups insist on continuing the spinning in case the bottle stops on a person of the same sex. The next person to follow with spinning the bottle is the one to whom the bottle was pointed in the previous chance. You need a minimum of four players for this game. The more the players, the more elating the game will be.
Dangerous Dice
Cover a set of dice with masking tape. On one dice, write different body parts (lips, nose, ear, etc.) on each side with a permanent marker. On the other dice, write different kissing actions (lick, nibble, kiss, etc.) on each dice face. To all the guests present, assign numbers that can appear on a pair of dice when thrown together. The first person holds a set of dangerous dice (body parts and kissing actions) and a set of regular dice (numbers). He rolls the four dice together. He, then, performs the kissing action on the body part rolled out on the person whose number corresponds with the number rolled on the regular dice.
Hot Kisses
You will need a timer and bottle of hot sauce to play this game. Ask all the guests present to pair themselves. For more fun and enjoyment, pair up the guests using a random draw. Ask the first pair to stand facing each other. Set the timer and ask them to put a drop of hot sauce on their tongues. Ask them to start kissing one another. The timer marks for how long can the two kiss each other. The couple with the longest kiss will be judged as the winners.
60 Seconds In Heaven
To play this game, you will require a red lipstick and timer. Divide the guests into pairs of opposite sex. A couple is sent into a closet and locked in for the next 60 seconds. Either of the two slathers lipstick on his/her lips and kisses the other person as many times possible on any exposed area (face, neck, arms, etc.). Each kiss should be displayed with a lip print. The couple is out of the closet at the end of 60 seconds and the number of lip prints is counted. The game continues till all the pairs are done with their turns. The pair with the most number of lip prints wins.
Kissing String
To play this game, you must have even number of guys and gals. Line up all the boys on one side and girls on the opposite side. Get equal length of strings for each pair. Ask the pairs to place the end of the string in each of their mouths. On the hearing of the whistle, the pair has to start chewing the string progressing towards each other. The first pair to reach the middle and kiss wins the game. Try this game with assorted candies, such as twizzlers, for more entertainment.

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