Do you have a flair for drawing and want to create your own animated cartoon character? If yes, then steer through this write up to learn how to draw anime and put your creativity to the test.

How To Draw Anime

Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Astro Boy and other such popular cartoon hits are the product of ‘Anime’. Anime is the Japanese form of animation which originated in the 20th century. Today, the art has become quiet well-known in the West and many animation characters, cartoons and movies made and created by animators have gained immense recognition. Until recently, anime characters were drawn by hand with the help of lead pencils, colour pencils and an eraser. However, with the advent of technology it has become quite simple to draw anime, especially because of the techniques used to provide the guidelines to draw anime for novices. Nevertheless, all the technologies put together cannot provide the beginner with the kind of experience of animation that hand drawing can.  If you have a creative hand and can draw decently, and have some knowledge about animation you can become a successful animator. If you get the basics right, you can master the art with little practice and dedication and can create a series of animated characters yourself. This piece of writing will provide you with tips on drawing anime that will help you put your imagination on paper.

Drawing Anime

Materials Required
It is advisable to gather all the essential equipments required to draw anime in order to avoid any complications. The most important materials required are:

  • A clean paper
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • Few colours
  • If you are a beginner in the field of anime, it is advisable to start with the head of the character. Start with making an oval or round shape at the centre of the sheet of paper depending on the character’s head.
  • Now draw horizontal lines, at the top, centre and bottom of the character’s head. Next create a vertical line cutting the horizontal lines in the middle of the head of the character. These lines will guide you to locate the place where you have to draw the eyes, mouth and nose of the anime character.
  • The next step in drawing an anime is to draw two vertical lines below the head that will provide you with an outline of the neck of the character.
  • Once you get the outline of the neck, draw two horizontal lines at the end of the neck to get an outline for the shoulders. Connect an oval shape to the shoulder to draw the chest of the character.
  • Once you get the chest, draw horizontal ovals at the right and left portion of the chest that will give you the arms of the anime. Now draw hands of the character at the end of the arms.
  • Next draw vertical oval shapes connecting to the chest of the anime to get the outline for the legs. Once you get the legs, draw the feet at the end of the legs.
  • This is the entire outline of the anime. Finish the details by drawing the eyes, nose and mouth of the character. Draw the clothes and shoes and then erase all the unwanted lines from the paper. Once you have the clear picture of the anime, use the colours you want to see your anime in and make the illustration more interesting and attractive.
  • Also make it a point to design skirts, jeans, shirts or any other clothing for your anime character. Keep in mind the personality of your character and the clothing you design should suit the personality of the character.

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