Mickey Mouse is world’s most popular cartoon star, drawing which is a favorite pastime for many kids. Read the article to find steps on how to draw Mickey Mouse.

How To Draw Mickey Mouse

And my name is Mickey Mouse
To the right is Minnie Mouse
And we own a little place in Disneyland, California
Let's have a party and be happy
Can we invite our closest friends
We can ask Donald Duck, Pluto, and all the gang - Mickey Mouse Song
Mickey Mouse has been one of the famous and most cherished creations of Walt Disney. He is known as the world’s most popular cartoon star. From early in the morning to late evening, a holiday means watching cartoons for kids and Mickey Mouse is one of their favorite characters. It will be interesting to know a little about the creation of this famous mouse. Walt Disney designed the character while on a train, traveling to Los Angeles. Mickey Mouse would have been named as Mortimer, if Walt Disney’s wife hadn’t persisted on Mickey. Today, from cartoons, comic strips and books to wristwatches and bags, Mickey Mouse is seen on everything that concerns a kid! So, why not help your kid create a Mickey Mouse of his own? It’s easy to draw Mickey Mouse, which you can use to decorate your kid’s room. Here are steps to help you know how to draw Mickey Mouse. Go through them and help your kids draw some beautiful drawings of the cartoon character; let them fill in colors of their choice!
Drawing Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Face
What Will You Need
  • White Drawing Paper
  • Pencil
  • Markers
How To Make
  • Draw a big circle, which will be the face for Mickey Mouse.
  • Add two smaller circles to the bigger circle, on the alternate sides, making his ears.
  • Draw a horizontal and a vertical line through the middle of the circle. This will help you in adding eyes and nose in appropriate places.
  • For nose, draw a horizontal oval in the middle and add a curved line over the top of oval.
  • For eyes, draw two long ovals and add circles for the pupils.
  • Add eyebrows over the eyes
  • Draw another curve line under the nose. This will serve as the smile on Mickey’s face.
  • Now, add the tongue.
  • Your Mickey Mouse face is ready!
Standing Mickey Mouse
What Will You Need
  • White Drawing Paper
  • Pencil
  • Markers
How To make
  • The first step is to make a circle.
  • Next, add two dash lines for his face.
  • Add lines for Mickey’s body
  • Now, add a smaller circle for his bottom section.
  • Add an elongated line for his left hand.
  • Now, add two oval shaped eyes and a snout line for his mouth.
  • Draw another arched line for the bottom of his mouth.
  • Draw lines to make his legs.
  • Add some shape to show that he is wearing shorts
  • Next, add some lines for his glove on left hand.
  • Now, draw two circle shapes for his ears.
  • Draw two circles in his eyes, for pupils.
  • Now, draw an olive-shaped nose.
  • Thicken his hands and legs, to add more shape to them.
  • Draw out a shoe shape around his ankles
  • Once , you are done with it, add a tail to your Mickey Mouse
  • Your Mickey Mouse is ready!
  • Paint it with the colors of your choice.

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