Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend, Minnie Mouse is an animated character in the Mickey Mouse club. Read on to know interesting and amazing information on her history, origin & background.

History Of Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is an animated character, which is popularly recognized as Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend and is probably the most loved character of the Disney world. She has also been a much-admired character in Disney’s theme park and runs a close second to her boyfriend (Mickey), in terms of popularity. One of the most important characters of the Mickey Mouse club, Minnie was created way back in 1928. The first one to give voice to Minnie's character was Marcellite Garner, while currently the voice is being given by Russi Taylor. This article dwells at length on the origin and background of Minnie Mouse. Read on to know her fascinating and eventful history.
Interesting & Amazing Information On Origin & Background Of Minnie Mouse
Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks worked out the character of Mickey Mouse to replace that of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the preceding star. However, Mickey alone could not fill up the gap and meet the huge expectations. For instance, a consistent trait associated with Oswald was his almost constant perusal for prospective sweethearts. Thus, the need was felt to make Mickey follow in the footsteps of his famed predecessor and have a love interest. This idea led to the creation of Minnie Mouse, who loved the color purple. Fashioned in the form of a ‘flapper’ girl, Minnie instantly appealed to the young audience.
Minnie’s first appearance was in “Plane Crazy”, where she is invited by Mickey to accompany him in the first flight of his aircraft. While she accepts the invitation, she refuses to kiss Mickey in the middle of the flight. Later, she parachutes out of the plane to avoid Mickey. Thus, her first stint with Mickey Mouse depicted her as resistant to her potential boyfriend’s affection and capable of making attempts to escape him. However, the couple was not shown as complete strangers in their debut. Next, they were featured together in “The Gallopin' Gaucho”. Though this was their second produced film in the series, it was the third one to be released.
“The Gallopin' Gaucho” shows Minnie working in a bar and restaurant established in the Pampas of Argentina. Here, she plays the Damsel in Distress to perfection and Mickey saves her from the evil intentions of the villain, Black Pete. This was followed by Mickey and Minnie’s third appearance together, in “Steamboat Willie.”The more contemporary appearances by Minnie Mouse saw her in animated cartoons separated from Mickey Mouse. She starred in a television special, “Totally Minnie.” Minnie was also seen in a line of merchandise, called "Minnie 'n Me".
Over the years, both Mickey Mouse and Mortimer Mouse have been shown to compete for Minnie’s attention and love. However, Mickey always manages to outshine Mortimer and win her affections.The rivalry between the two began in “Mickey’s Rival.” In 2008, Minnie made it to the world of video gaming, by becoming one of the playable characters from the trivia video game, Disney THINK Fast. This cute and adorable character turned 82 years old in the year 2010. Though always more popular as Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend, Minnie has won fame and viewers’ affection in her own right as well.

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