‘How can I learn to knit’ is a question troubling all those who are planning to take up knitting for the first time. if you are one of them, these knitting tips for beginners will be of great help.

How Can I Learn To Knit

The very idea of knitting conjures up the image of an eighty-year old lady, sitting by the fireplace and knitting beautiful winter wear for her family members. Doesn’t it? Well, it is time to break loose of this stereotypical image. You will be surprised to know that knitting is more of a fun hobby, than anything else. It is the perfect pastime for all those who want to keep themselves busy during their free time. The biggest perk of knitting is that it is easy on the pocket and gives you ample scope to play with your creative ideas. What’s more, knitting has been scientifically proven to boost the interaction between the right- and left-brain. The knitting technique is probably a cakewalk for expert hands, but beginners may often find themselves to be all fingers and thumbs at the outset. Here, you need to remember that it is an art and the more you get into it, the more you explore. The best thing about knitting is that it is very easy to learn. Though it requires a lot of patience to master the art, once you get into the hang of it, knitting becomes no less than a child’s play. For beginners, who wish to take up knitting, here are some easy guidelines on how to go about it. You will need a pair of knitting needles and a ball of wool to start with. Read on to learn more on ‘how can I learn to knit’.
Knitting Tips For Beginners
  • To begin with, select the desired needles, depending on your knitting pattern. You always have to buy a ball of wool to practice casting on stitches, before taking on a bigger knitting venture.
  • Take the ball of wool and hold it in your left palm, securing the grip with four fingers and your thumb jutting out. Using your right hand, lift up a string of wool and tie a loop around your left thumb. Keep the ball of wool to your right side.
  • Using your right hand, pick one of the knitting needles and insert the tip through the bottom of the loop, moving it towards the top.
  • Carefully remove your thumb from the loop, securing the hold with your hand. You can also keep the loop tied to the thumb, till you insert the second needle as per your convenience. Insert the tip of the other needle from the bottom to the top opening of the loop.
  • Take a strand of wool and enfold it around the second needle, covering the two needles and above the loop.
  • Draw the knitting needle slightly back and insert tip down through the opening, to the left of your strand of wool.
  • Bring the needle back to its original vertical position and make it parallel to your other knitting needle.
  • Now, with the help of your needle, shift this stitch onto your other needle. You can move your needle closer and turn stitch over onto left needle. You can also stick the tip of left needle into the stitch and take it off the right needle, as per your convenience.
  • Tuck in the tip of your empty needle again, through another new loop and continue this procedure until you have 20 stitches cast on, for your practice piece.

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