Violin is one of the most wonderful musical instruments. If you are a beginner, learning to play the instrument, this article would be of help. Read on to get effective tips for playing the violin.

Violin Tips for Beginners

Do you know what is common between Yehudi Menuhin and Clayton Haslop? Well, music aficionados would know the answer instantly - it’s the violin. One of the most popular musical instruments, violin is known for producing harmonious notes. It is one of the most sought-after musical instruments that people wish to be a master of. In case you too are sharing the same dream and want to be proficient with the art of playing the violin, this article would be of help. Given in the following lines, are tips for beginners to learn the art of playing the violin.
Tips For Learning To Play The Violin 
  • The first tip would be to get yourself a good quality violin. Taking into consideration that you are novice and know very little about the instrument, the best bet would be to take a professional along with you. In case this is not possible, ask the salesperson for assistance. Do not get a far too expensive violin, since it’s your first experience. Get one that emits a good tone and is moderately priced.
  • The next tip would be to acquaint yourself with the parts of a violin. Remember, each part of the instrument has a specific function and plays a definite role. Right from bridge and tuning pegs to fine tuners and bow, you need to learn the basic parts of a violin, their function n their usage.
  • Since you are a beginner, it is very important to be practical and set realistic goals. Do not think that you would become a connoisseur right in the first week. Start by setting yourself small but attainable targets, such as playing a tune at varying tempos. Once these small targets get achievable, set yourself harder goals. 
  • While playing the violin, please watch your posture. A proper posture is very important to extract a perfect sound from any instrument. Since you are a neophyte in playing violin, the best posture would be to sit straight with your feet flat on the floor.
  • Also, while playing the violin it is very crucial to tape the neck at appropriate places. This would help you learn where you need to put your fingers. Remember, you need to put your fingers down in uniform places on each string to get the correct notes. This is a very helpful technique until the time you learn the art and become a master of the same.
  • As for the bow, make sure that the string of the bow is at a tension, wherein you can comfortably chip in a pencil in the middle. Apart from this, also check that you are using the right amount of rosin. In case there is too much rosin, the quality of your sound sill will increase. On the other hand, too little rosin would mean no sound at all.
  • At the time of playing, make sure that the bow and the violin are forming a ‘plus’ sign, when you are drawing it across the string. Since you are novice player, make sure you keep an eye on the angle. Once you get used to it, you would automatically know the angle without being conscious.
  • Lastly, do not fret. Remember, no art can be learned overnight. Becoming a proficient violinist requires lots of patience and determination. Make sure you are filled with oodles of them. Just remember, every expert was once a beginner! All the best!!

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