Class reunions make you feel nostalgic and take you down the memory lane. In case you are about to attend a reunion party, read on to find some fun games and activities to do in the party.

Class Reunion Games

It has been ages since you met your school friends, though every memory of your school time is firmly etched in your mind and still remains fresh. Class reunions are always fun as they give you an opportunity to relive the most beautiful and fun-filled memories of your life, when you were a nonchalant student with hardly any worries and apprehensions about the future. Reunion parties can be made even more fun by playing some entertaining games and doing some fun activities to revisit the old times. In case you want to know some class reunion games to play, read the article and enjoy yourself in the reunion.
Class Reunion Party Games And Activities
Mimicking The Teachers
Reunions take you down the memory lane and invite discussions on the school memories and the humorous incidents concerning teachers and the students as well. Mimicking the teachers can be a fun game, where each person can choose to mimic his/her favorite teacher while the others have to guess the name of the teacher. Those who are good at mimicry can really make the activity memorable.
Failed Lover
School times are also associated with sweet memories of the crushes and infatuation one used to have at such a young and tender age. While many would have hidden their feelings, some brave hearts would have also asked their crush out and some of them would have courted success in wooing their crush. All of the ex-students can share their stories and experience and the lover who failed in the most terrible way can also be given a special prize. It goes without saying that the game has to be played in good humor!
Spot The Photo
Spot the photo can be a real fun game to play, more so, when your class is meeting after a very long time. To play this game, all you need is a collection of class photographs. Club the photographs and ask everyone to try and recognize the faces. It will be a hilarious activity as most of the people would have transformed completely.
Reading The Slam Books
During the last days of your school, you must have filled several slam books. We all write about our goals, aims, ambitions, dreams, likes and dislikes during that time, which in most cases, is quite different from what we are doing at present. If you can manage to find out such slam books from your old cartons, nothing like it! You can read the slam book and compare the career goals and interests of everyone, as stated in the slam book, to what they are doing at present. People who have stayed on the same track can be awarded special prizes.
Class Skit
Your classmates must have enacted a popular play, a skit or a song-dance sequence together in any of the school functions. If you remember some scenes from the skit or play, you can re-enact the same magic and relive the good old memories of the school. You can perform a school time dance-sequence again with your old friends to travel back in the most loved and enjoyed phase of your life i.e. the school time.

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