Luxury gifts are best to pamper and spoil your beloved. Read on to find what unique and expensive gifts can be given to men for various occasions.

Luxury Gifts For Men

Gifting men has never been easy since you never know what could possibly strike their sight. While choosing the perfect gift for your beloved, be it your dad, boyfriend, fiancé or your husband, keep in mind that it is special. Because the man’s gift is special, it has to be elegant, thoughtful, luxurious and probably designer. If you are willing to sacrifice a large portion of your wallet, do read on to know what unique and expensive gifts can be presented to men.
Expensive Gift Ideas For Men
Looking for the best for your best? Here are some ideas that you can use while choosing luxury gifts for various occasions.
Gifts for Fathers
Fathers play a very important role in our lives. Why not surprise your dad by gifting him luxuries and make him feel special?
  • Since men are fond of cars, you can gift him different car accessories ranging from car perfumes to back seat covers.
  • A large bar set including a variety of wine bottles and designer wine glasses can also be a good option.
  • Get your father registered at a spa and gift him a healthy life in the year ahead.
  • Gift him a laptop if your father is computer phobic.
  • A leather briefcase would be perfect if your father is a regular meeting attendee.
  • Treat your father a private date with your mother to their favorite hangout place.
  • Designer pens and wallets can be a good choice too.
  • Expensive gold cufflinks, branded watches and sunglasses could be perfect idea to gift your father.
  • If your dad smokes cigars, gift him a set of sample cigars to enable him determine his favorite.
Gifts for Boyfriends, Fiancés & Husbands
Demonstrating your love through these luxury gifts could do wonders to your relationship. Treat your love with these variable rich and sumptuous luxuries.
  • Exclusive grooming products and shaving accessories can be a choice to pamper your love.
  • Gift him a holiday package to any of the finest destinations to relive your honeymoon.
  • Book a private lounge for your beloved in his favorite restaurant.
  • Gift him expensive attire for that formal look.
  • Make him feel special with a Louis Vuitton or a Dunhill wallet to remind him of your soft touch.
  • If your man is a gadget freak, gift him the latest Apple iPod or iPhone.
  • A latest stunning, powerful and stylish laptop with all the new innovative features can be a good treat.
  • Go for shoes, jackets and deodorants if your man is a sportsman.
  • A personalized bottle opener or a wine stopper, personalized silver plated flasks, engraved beer glass or mugs and customized coolers can also be good options.

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