Getting gifts from Santa is great fun, but drawing him is not sweat either. Here’s how to draw Santa Claus, in easy steps.

How to Draw Santa Claus

Santa Claus is one character that appeals to people from all walks of life and of all ages. The very mention of the name brings the same image in the minds of each one of us. In fact, he belongs to the class of things that remain unchanged – the same chubby, round face, the same soap suds-like beard and moustache, the round belly, the red dress and the same way of greeting – “Ho, ho ho!” All of us can conjure that image at the drop of a hat, but most of us are unable to translate the same image on to the paper. When we do sit down to draw, in case we do, we end up making a fun of ourselves and also of Father Christmas himself. Imagine how happy Santa would be if any of us could draw Santa correctly and beautifully. It is, in fact, like drawing any other animate form and requires us to start with the basic shapes that we all know. Here is how one can draw Santa Claus’ face for an example.

Drawing Santa Claus Cartoon

Step 1
To begin with, draw a large circle. Draw a slightly smaller circle a little below the centre point of the first one.

Step 2
Draw a line through the middle of the drawing (not any of the circles) for symmetry. This line will help us position the eyes, ears, nose and mouth with symmetry and precision.
Step 3
On top of this line, draw two small circles that will represent the eyes.
Step 4
Next, right in the center, directly under the center line, put another small circle, which will become Santa's nose.
Step 5
To draw Santa's hat, you will need to start with a small arc near the top of Santa's head. Now we draw a few lines to finish Santa's hat and a small circle for the ball at the end of Santa's hat.
Step 6
Now, with a few simple lines, draw Santa's mustache and the outline of Santa's beard.
Step 7
Next we draw two little half circles, which will become Santa's ears.
Step 8
Now all Santa needs are two bushy eyebrows and two black circles in the middle of Santa's eyes for the pupils.
Step 9
Now we use this rough outline to make a more finished drawing.
Step 10
Now erase all our pencil lines and then fill colour in the drawing.
Some Tips
  • Make sure to use some reference material while drawing Santa. There are many available in books or the internet. The one that looks most appealing to you, as per your choice, should be chosen.
  • Make sure to use a light pencil with a sharp point so that the outlines come out as light as possible. Since you may have to keep rubbing it over and over again, it is better to draw lightly and darken the drawing when you are done. Also, it would be best if you use a pencil with an eraser on top – such pencils are manufactured for those who have to draw like architects and fashion designers.
  • As your drawing begins to reach its finishing stages, erase the rough guidelines that you had drawn . It is of utmost importance that the shapes and parts of the drawing blend smoothly with each other.

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