Potluck parties can very well do with some interesting themes. To know more on potluck party themes, read on.

Potluck Themes

If your idea for a perfect weekend calls for chilling out with friends and folks over great wine, delectable dinner and Janis Joplin, then potluck is indeed your bet. Potluck or potluck dinner as it is better known, is the perfect way to host a dinner or brunch party and please the ‘bon vivant’ in you without having to slog yourself over the stove all day long. Potluck parties are where all the action takes place over food. The invitees bring their own dishes and share it among others, which means one gets to have his cake and eat it too! A foodie would describe a potluck party as a smorgasbord of colors, taste and textures where one gets to dunk his jaws in a variety of culinary delights. If you plan to host a potluck party, you can very well do with a little bit of planning and some interesting themes. Here are some interesting potluck themes to get your celebration rolling. Stream through these potluck themes and have a gala time feasting and merry-making.
Potluck Party Themes
Think International!
Wish to entertain your guests over a potluck party this weekend, but can’t think of anything new? If yes, then dump the old meatloaf recipes, the guacamole and chocolate mousse and stir up a smorgasbord of tantalizing delicacies from all across the globe. From authentic Italian antipasti to delectable French desserts and exotic Thai soups, the possibilities for your international potluck party are just endless.
Barbeque Binging
Good old potluck parties are incomplete without delectable barbeque meal spreads across a wide assortment of culinary delights like basil shrimp, skewered cantaloupe or even Cajun chicken. Just don your chef’s hat and whomp up gastronomical wonders like ‘chicken cesar pasta salad’, ‘grilled corn’, ‘pork sandwiches’ and yummy barbecue sauce and get your guests burping with delight!
Mexican Fête
Love your fajitas, enchiladas and tortilla? Whip up a Mexican fiesta this potluck party and treat your guests to lip smacking Mexican cuisines. From cheesy casseroles and delicious chilaquiles to yummy tamales and more, Mexican recipes are sure to sizzle your celebrations.
Eat Your Alphabet
You have tried blue food, poisonous food and even aphrodisiac food themes for your potluck party and now you can’t think of anything new? Well, worry not. Why not have some fun with English alphabets and create a creative cornucopia of delectable delights by picking any alphabet and then storming up exotic gourmets for your weekend get-together. For instance, you can stir up delectable dishes with things that start with the alphabet “P” like peanuts, potatoes, pork, peas, peppers, prunes, peaches, pickles, pumpkins, puddings and pies. Sounds exciting doesn’t it!
Spooky Halloween
Wish to add some spooky fun to your potluck party? Just get hold of "mummy" croissant-wrapped sausages, devilled "eyeball" eggs, finger-shaped finger sandwiches, monster-face cookies, "moldy" green pistachio pudding and "bloody" cherry gelatin and pep up the eerie dinner. This is one party your friends and family are going to remember forever.
Comfort Zone
Nothing evokes a feeling of warmth and ease better than a comfort food potluck piled with eternal home-cooked hits like macaroni and cheese, pork chops & gravy, chicken & dumplings, mashed potatoes, apple pie and the all time favorite chocolate chip cookies and brownies.
All’s In A Name!
Well, as they say, you never really run out of ideas when planning a potluck. How about asking your guests to bring any dish that begins with the first letter of their last name? For instance, Barbara Andrews can bring apple pie while Sandra Stephens can get sushi and Mieu Li Hui can bring Hakka noodles. Fun isn’t it!

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