Picnics for kids can only translate to copious amounts of fun. Read your way through this article for entertaining ideas on picnic games for kids.

Picnic Games For Kids

Go back to your childhood days, what are those memories that stand out the most? Well, if you loved playing as kid, then the memories that should stand out the most should mostly orbit around the games you played when you were young. Playing games is something that no kid can complain about or say no to, because almost all games come with the added advantage of ‘fun’. Sadly, kids cannot play games twenty four hours a day or seven days a week. In fact, there should always be a time and place for games. Talking about a time and place, what better time than when on a picnic and what better place than the picnic spot. Kids are in love with the idea of going on a picnic and a picnic can never really be made complete without a whole lot of picnic games. Make a move and read on to find for yourself novel ideas on picnic games for kids. 

Fun Picnic Games For Kids  

Passing The Potato
This game is as good as passing the parcel, only here the parcel is a potato. However, it does not necessarily have to be a potato. Begin this game by having the kids to sit in a circle. Turn on some music for them and ask them to start passing the potato as fast as possible. Switch off the music as and when you desire to. The kid who has the potato with him/her the instant you switch off the music is out. The kid who is not caught with the potato in his/her hands when the music is switched off can safely be declared the winner of the game. 

The Rope Race
For the race you will need three skipping ropes. If getting a skipping rope is a problem, you can always use ordinary ropes. Get things started off by dividing the kids into equal teams. Then proceed to place three ropes evenly across a grassy meadow or the ground. Make sure the distance between two ropes does not pose too much of a challenge for the kids. The race can begin with one set of kids running to the first rope and back to the starting line. The second set of kids then run to the second rope and return to the starting line. This is followed up by the third set of kids running to the third rope and returning to the starting line. The team which boasts of the kid who returns first from the third rope to the starting line is the winner of the race. This race is just like a conventional relay, but with an entertaining twist added to it. 

You can call this game ‘eggstatic’. It in fact is more a race and less a game. Have the kids hold an egg in one hand and in the other hand hold a spoon with an egg placed on it. Get the kids to the starting line and make them race from there to a finishing line. On paper it may seem like a relatively easy task, but in reality it hardly is. The kids will have a lot of fun while racing, but you may have an eggy mess on your hands. 

Blasting Balloons
This game involves water and balloons, a combination that cannot really be disliked. Divide the kids into groups of two and make them stand opposite each other. Give each kid a water balloon and make them toss it to each other. You can start off the game by blowing a whistle. With each toss, ask each kid to take a step back. As the distance between the kids increases, it will automatically become a lot more difficult for them to catch the balloons without a burst. This will result in a watery mess and lot of glee on the face of each and every kid involved in the game.

On Slip
This game is a messy one, but just as much fun. Rub baby oil or vegetable oil over a beach ball and have all the kids stand in a circle. Ask the kids to then toss the ball to each other. Watch for yourself as the kids have tons of funs attempting to catch the ball. For best results, ensure that the ball is well oiled. Remember, if the ball is not well oiled, the kids will not find it too difficult to catch!

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