Do you want to know how to make a monster mask? If yes, then go through this article and explore instructions on making monster masks on your own.

How To Make A Monster Mask

Are you bored of sitting at home, with absolutely nothing to do? If yes, then we have the best idea to spice up your life. You may be surprised, but it's not playing with a new video game or getting a new board game from the marketplace, which would help you get rid of the boredom. Do you still want to know what it is? Well, the answer is a scary monster mask!! Using most of the items that are already available in your house, you can spark the fun quotient in your life and bring a (frightful) smile on the face of the people around you. All you need to do is collect the required things and sit down, for an hour or so, to make one of the most interesting masks. You can play around the house with it, scaring family members and strangers alike, or use it for Halloween. In the following lines, we have provided steps on how to make a monster mask.
Making Your Own Monster Masks
Things Required 
  • Paper Plate
  • Acrylic Paint/ Water Colors (green, black & white)
  • Cotton Balls
  • Yellow Marker
  • Glue
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Paintbrush
  • Newspaper/Old Sheet
  • Scissors/ Paper Cutter
  • Scale 
  • Before starting the mask making process, spread newspaper or an old sheet on the table, on which you would be working. Since the craft involves use of paints and markers, it is likely that the table might get dirty or soiled, in the process.
  • The first step would be to paint both the sides of the paper plate in green. While older children can use acrylic paints, water colors would be the best bet for younger ones, as they are less messy and easy to handle. However, acrylic paints would create a greater impact, as they would paint a nice, deep color on the plate.
  • Once the paint has dried, make two holes, about one inch down from the top of the plate. Now, cut the two holes, using a pair of scissors or paper cutter. These holes would serve as the eyes of the monster mask.
  • To give a complete look to the eyes, paint eyebrows above the eye holes, using black paint. The curvature for both the eyebrows should be of the same size and equally thick.
  • Right under the eye holes, paint a black, square-shaped nose. Though a square-shaped nose might sound funny, once the mask is complete, it would add to the overall scary effect.
  • As for the mouth, paint a square, white mouth and cut a small hole in the middle. As the white paint dries, using a thin paintbrush, paint a black horizontal line and black vertical lines for teeth.
  • With the help of a yellow marker, color two cotton balls and glue them to the sides of the paper plates. These would acts as the “bolts” in the monster’s neck.
  • Complete the look of the monster mask by creating a scar on one of the cheeks. For this, paint a curved, black line on the mask, to create stitches and then add cross-hatches.
  • The last step would be to glue a Popsicle stick to the bottom of the paper plate. Your monster mask is ready to bring that scary smile across the face of your friends and family!

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