Save both money and the environment with eco-friendly gifts. Read the article given below to know more on eco friendly gift-wrapping ideas.

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

To show your friends and family that you really care for the environment, gifting them presents in eco friendly gift-wrappings is an excellent idea. Not only will you send an environment friendly message to others, but you will also be doing your little bit for the environment. Such gift wrappers are very easy to make, if you employ a little bit of creativity and use the materials that you find in your house. The trick is not to buy anything other than the tools and use all those things that you have discarded. It is always better if you can save on all those things that you have no use for, even the smallest of things like the bottle cap or bits of strings and paper. Using your imagination, you can very effectively turn these house wastes into attractive gift accessories for your gifts. Ultimately, you should remember that a small step goes a long way towards making the world a safer and toxic free place. Or if making your own gifts is too much of a bother then go for those wrappings that are certified as 100% recycled.  

Creative Environment Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas
Newspaper Wrapping (For Wine And Champagne Bottles) 
  • Take two sheets of newspaper and wrap this around the bottle, leaving at least 5 inches of the paper on the top.
  • Use the tape to fix the wrapping on the bottle.
  • Around the neck of the bottle, tie the ribbon in a bow with the two ends trailing down.
  • Cut the extra paper at the top of the bottle into strips
  • Now use the scissors and run it along each of the strips to make them curl. 
Flower Gift Toppers 
  • Take some old plastic silk flower arrangements and remove the leaves from each stem.
  • Now group the flowers according to their color and wrap a piece of florist tape around the stems. Wrap the tape from near the petals and work it till the end.
  • Place this bunch of flowers on the top of a gift and fix it with a ribbon bow. 
Recycled Gift Wrap 
  • This is the best way to have your own homemade wrapping paper.
  • Take a grocery store bag and cut it open to make a flat piece of paper.
  • Wrap gift in it, with the printed side outside.
  • Take a few red, black, and white electrical tapes, and stick in a random pattern on the gift. 
Colored Newspaper Wrapping Paper 
  • Take a sheet of newspaper and using food coloring stain it.
  • You can either stain the whole paper in one color or use a mix of different colors.
  • Dry this paper and then wrap your gift. 
  • Vases are a good way to present gifts in, and every one will always have a few lying unused.
  • First, insert a piece of tissue paper in the vase and then put in the gift. Then put another tissue paper or a newspaper to hide the gift.
  • Tie a ribbon on the neck of the vase. 
Shoe Boxes
  • Take a sheet of newspaper and cut thin strips with a scissor.
  • Place these strips in the box so that you fill one-fourth of the space.
  • Now, cut some images out of the comic strip section of a newspaper and paste it throughout the box. Make sure that the lid has more attractive images.
  • Instead of wrapping the box, tie it in ribbons and plastic flowers.

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