Stuck with the prospect of how to wrap gift cards and certificates? Check out information on creative gift wrapping ideas.

Ways To Wrap Gift Cards

Wrapping a gift properly and neatly is as important as choosing it. Sloppy or shabby wrapping often leads to disinterest in knowing what is inside the wrapper. It also shows lack of concern or seriousness on the part of the giver. So, the next time you give someone a present, make sure that its wrappings is impressive. While attractive wrapping is surely required for gift cards and certificates, it is not necessary to follow the same old pattern. You can always come up something creative and unique. In fact, creativity will be appreciated immensely, as it will make the gift all the more personal. To know more, just scroll down. Given below are ideas on creative ways to wrap gift certificates and cards.
Creative Wrapping Ideas
Metallic Colors Is The Key
Get funky wrapping papers in metallic colors. Do away with the simple plain ones. A loud wrapping paper will go a long way in making sure that your gift is noticed in the very first instance. You can also get wrapping papers that have funny messages written on them or even smileys drawn thereon.
Keep The Occasion In Mind
The occasion for which you are giving the gift can go a long way in helping you wrap it in a particular style. If it is a Christmas gift, you can attach miniature X-Mas trees or hollies and berries on top of the gift. For birthday gifts, you can experiment with birthday caps or even candles on top.
Use Ribbon & Balloon
A gift certificate or coupon can be rolled and be tied with a ribbon. Slid this into a balloon and inflate it so that the gift certificate is visible from outside. Blow a few more balloons and tie them together. Ask the person to whom the gift is being given to search for the coupon.
Let The Receiver Struggle A Bit
Take newspapers and wrap the gift over and over again. Make it look really fluffy and use plenty of tape to seal it. Finally, cover it with a colorful wrapping paper neatly. When presented, the person will struggle to get the gift out, adding to the fun and desperation!
Flower Power
Yet another creative idea would be to use small, dried flowers to adorn the outside of the gift, after it has been wrapped properly. Do make sure that the color of the wrapping sheet contrasts with that of the flower, otherwise the whole effect would be lost.
It's Valentine's Day
In case you are gifting your beloved on Valentine's Day, tie a cute looking handmade bow, made out of red ribbon, on top of the gift. You can also get many other romantic embellishments to place on top of gifts. Rest assured, this will be the most romantic gift that he/she has ever received
Make Way For Another Idea
Does the receiver like candies? If yes, then why not decorate the gift with the same? Get a metallic sheet to cover your gift and attach candies on the wrapper, either with the help of tape or glue. This will be one of the most unique gift wrapping ideas that he/she will ever come across.

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