Do you want to know what present to gift to coworkers? Check out a number of gift ideas for coworkers.

Gift Ideas For Coworkers

Giving a gift to your coworker, be it in relation to any occasion, can be a bit difficult task. This is because you hardly know about him/her and in such a scenario; there is always the risk of giving something that the other person does not like (or worse, completely hates). In this context, it is best to go for general gifts, which are not at all personal. However, do make sure to keep the gender of your coworker in mind, while deciding the gift. A female usually have different preferences than a male and vice-versa. After you have short listed a few gifts, you will have to decide on your budget, as to how much you are willing to spend. In the following lines, we have provided a few general ideas in context of gifts for coworkers. Go through them and select the one that appeals to you the most
What Presents To Give To Coworkers 
  • Gift baskets are the perfect gifts for any occasion, be it Christmas, Birthday, New Year, Anniversary, and so on. They have an assortment of items, which you can choose depending upon the recipient’s tastes and preferences. The usual options are cookies basket, chocolate basket, wine basket, cheese basket and office stationery basket.
  • Gift certificates and coupons are also a very good gift item. You can gift your co-worker two coupons to his/her favorite restaurant or two tickets for any forthcoming movie.
  • If your co-worker loves to read books, you can give him/her the latest release of his/her favorite author. Another option will be to give a subscription of his/her favorite magazine or membership to a book club.
  • For those who love nature, what can be a better gift than a potted plant? Make sure that it is not too huge and is one of the favorites of your co-worker. Another option would comprise of gardening supplies.
  • Candles, especially the scented ones, (with or without a candle stand) make one of the most common gifts for a colleague. This is one gift that almost everyone likes, irrespective of age and gender.
  • Items like coasters, cocktail napkins, wine glass charms, placeholders, ornaments, napkin rings, etc work best in case of holiday gifts. With them, you can hardly go wrong.
  • If your colleague loves music, the best gift for him/her will be music CDs. If you don’t know about his/her favorite singer or genre, please make sure to know it before buying the CDs.
  • Many people love to sit at home and watch movies. If you coworker is one such person, CDs or DVDs of his/her favorite actor/actress/director will work the best.
  • One of the safest gift options, in case of colleagues you do not know anything about, comprises of a stationery kit, complete with a pen, diary, pen stand, calendar and paper weight.
  • You can also give watch, be it a wrist watch, a table clock or a wall clock to your coworker. In case he/she is not well known to you, skip the wrist watch and go for any one of the last two options.

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