Origami heart will make a great present this Valentine’s Day. Follow the instructions given below and learn how to make an origami heart.

How To Make An Origami Heart

Origami is the ancient art of paper crafting that originated in Japan. This unique form of paper crafting aims at creating spectacular designs using geometric folds and absolutely avoiding the use of scissors and glue. A small number of different folds are combined in many different forms and patterns to make stunning designs. One of the easiest of these designs is the origami heart. This cute heart shaped box can be gifted to your beloved on this Valentine’s Day! If you are planning to propose, just place the ring inside and see your beloved smile from ear to ear when he/she opens up the box!
Origami Heart Instructions 
  • You need to get a rectangular piece of construction paper, preferably is red color. Keep the white side of the paper towards you. Fold the top most right corner and bring it downwards towards the left. Press it and then unfold so as to form a diagonal line. Do the same thing with the opposite corner, but do not unfold.
  • The white bottom part that is still visible, should be folded into half so that the edge does not overlap with the previous fold. Now, unfold the top part so that the only fold on the paper is the bottom fold. Turn the paper over so that the red side faces you.
  • Now, fold the top part of the paper into a half and make sure the edge of the paper meets the line where the bottom part is folded. When you unfold it, the cross made by the previous creases should have a centerline passing through their point of intersection. Keep the paper folded in half.
  • Now, turn the paper over and bring together the left and right top edges of the paper towards the center of the sheet. Fold them when the edges touch. The bottom folded part should remain as it is and the present folds should just touch the edges and not overlap it.
  • The bottom left corner of the triangle should be folded to the top to form a crease. Do the same with the other corner and unfold. The crease should be visible after you unfold it. Fold the left and right sides to the center, inside.
  • Now, fold the entire craft into a perfect half, vertically. Unfold it so as to form a crease and then turn it over. Now take the two bottom corners and fold them upwards to make them meet at the center.
  • At the top, you should have two small flaps inside a big independent one, shaped like a triangle. Fold the big one and bring it down to the center. The two corners you folded earlier should be tucked inside the space provided in the big flap.
  • The two remaining top flaps should be folded at a slanted angle and the sharp corners should be tucked into the side flaps. When you turn this thing over, you will have your own handmade origami heart!

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