Origami Sailboat is really easy to make and in fact, is the best initial paper folding craft. Check out some easy instructions to make an Origami Sailboat.

Origami Sailboat

To start with, Origami Sailboat offers the best paper folding basics to beginners. In fact, before moving towards advanced projects, one should practice his/her paper folding skills with models like that of origami sailboat. Making origami sailboat is really easy, and it just takes about few minutes to prepare. You can use any type of paper to make this sailboat, however, a little heavy paper is recommended. Ensure that the paper must be exactly cut into a square. Take care that the work surface is stable, hard, and flat, in order to get perfect folds and sharp crease. For getting sharper creases, run a ruler or pencil edge over each fold or crease as you progress. Given here are some easy instructions to make an Origami Sailboat.
Things Required
  • Paper (Colored or Simple) 
  • Set the square piece of paper on your work surface. Begin with any point of paper and fold it internally, facing you.
  • After that, fold the bottom point in a way that it meets the top point. Set the crease and then unfold. Now, fold the right point to meet the left point. Once again, set the crease and unfold.
  • In this step, turn the paper over and place in order that an edge is in front of you.
  • Now, fold the bottom edge to the top edge; to set crease and then unfold again. Repeat the same for the left edge and the right edge. Place the paper in order that a point is in front of you.
  • Grasp the left and right points and push them together and down to meet at the bottom point. Flatten. This step will give you a diamond-shaped piece of paper.
  • Now, turn the paper to 180 degrees in order that the bottom, open end of the diamond points away from you.
  • Fold the top layer down in order that the top point meets the bottom point. Set the crease and then unfold. Fold the same layer in the reverse direction, by the crease you just completed, and insert the flap into the base.
  • Now, turn the paper over and repeat the just above-mentioned step.
  • Fold the right sail down next to the edge of the bottom triangle. Set the crease. Don’t unfold; rather bring the point of the folded sail up in order that it makes about 3/4 of the way up the left sail. Once again, crease the sail in this position and tuck the fold you just completed within the boat.
  • To give a final touch, turn the boat over and fold the bottom point up to the center. Set the crease and unfold halfway. Your boat is ready to sail now.

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