Making a beautiful Origami paper rose is simple. Follow these easy Origami rose instructions to learn how to make an Origami rose.

Origami Rose

A rose is loved by every person and the Japanese art of folding paper, Origami allows you to make even this. The making process of Origami rose is simple and all it requires is a square paper whose one side is colored. You can use these colorful little Origami roses for decoration purpose, as handicraft or simply as a joyful hobby. So read this article to learn how to make Origami rose.
Things You Will Need to Make Origami Rose
One can employ any square piece of paper to make an origami rose. But it will definitely be easier if one uses paper, whose front (upper) and back (lower) sides can be distinguished from each other. In the demonstration below, the paper used has two distinct sides. The colorful side is the front (upper) side of the paper.
Process of Making an Origami Rose 
  • Get hold of a square shaped paper, whose upper or front side is colored.
  • Now keep the colorful side of the paper upwards facing you.
  • Next fold the square paper into half in such a way that the colorful (upper) side is folded inside. Open the paper and flip it over. Now along the crease of the back (lower colorless) side, draw a straight black line. (Remember that the colorful side will be made the petal of the origami rose and so, the lines have been drawn on the back colorless plain side. This way this line cannot be viewed).
  • Fold the lower and upper half in half again. This way the square paper will be equally divided into four long horizontal parts. Now line these creases as well.
  • Next rotate the paper and repeat the last two steps. This way by further dividing (folding across) the earlier made four long horizontal creases, you will get 16 small squares in the paper.
  • The next step is to fold the paper diagonally from both ways. This way, you will get two long straight lines dividing the paper diagonally and thus giving it four big triangles. This is shown with red lines.
  • Now you have to fold the paper in half with the upper colored side lying inside.
  • Next, fold one-third of the lower (horizontal) half upward.
  • Again open up the paper and rotate it 90 degrees. Repeat the same last two steps. This is shown with green lines.
  • Now with each corner, fold black and red lines upwards (valley folds) and green lines inwards (mountain folds).
  • Now gently press down on the horizontal as well as the vertical parts counter-clockwise, leaving the middle part standing out.
  • Press down all the four corners of the center / middle portion so that turns into a small flat square.
  • The next step is to flip over the paper so that the colored side is facing upwards.
  • Make use of labels. To make it easier to understand, you can label the four parts. Then lift up the fourth (lower right) square and rotate it 90 degrees, counterclockwise, to the left vertical border of square two.
  • Now you have to ensure that the two borders align accurately.
  • Rotate around to each square. Do the last two steps again with all four squares.
  • After you are done with all four sides, you will get the basic shape of the rose in your hand.
  • Now toss the rose upside down. From this angle, you will be able to look into the inside of the origami paper rose.
  • Next fold down the petals one at a time.
  • When you get / reach to the final petal, pleat it down in the gap under the previous petal.
  • Now turn it over to its original position and you have a lovely rose in your hand. You can add a wire stem to it if you wish.

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